You’ve Got Your Dream Job – What Next?

It might have taken a very long time, but eventually you’ve managed to bag your dream job. Congratulations, that’s great news! I bet you’re super happy that all your hard work and preparations throughout the recruitment phase have finally paid off. You can take a deep breath and relax slightly, but not too much. You can’t relax too much as you need to make sure you make a good impression in the first few weeks of your new role. This will help you hold onto your job beyond the probationary period.

So, ready to work hard and try to make your way to your first promotion? Here are a few things that need to happen once you’ve got your dream job.

Update Your Online Profiles

First of all, it’s worth updating all of your online profiles. Your Facebook and Instagram aren’t too important, unless of course you use them as part of your job. It’s more important to update the public ones that people might see, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. This also informs your professional network that you have moved onto the next chapter of your career.

Introduce Yourself

It’s really important that you introduce yourself to everyone who you meet in the office on your first day. That way, you get to know everyone in the office and they will know who you are too. It’s generally not a good idea to stick to yourself as that will make your whole settling in period take a lot longer than usual. You should also make the effort to introduce yourself to all your superiors, as this can give a really good impression.

Don’t Stop Learning

There’s no excuse to stop learning and training now that you have your ideal job. In fact, continual learning will make you a lot more appealing when your bosses are deciding who to hand out promotions to! So, no matter what kind of job you are in, you will be able to find some training courses that suit your role. From online police degree to evening healthcare courses, there is a whole range of learning opportunities out there. If you can’t find one that relates to your job, you might want to ask your manager in case they know of any.

Watch Your Timing

Don’t just turn up at 9 AM on the dot in your first few weeks. Being punctual is better than being late, but it’s worth arriving ten minutes early so that you can get a coffee and say hi to everyone before you get to your desk. It’s also not a good look to turn off your computer at 5 PM on the dot. However, be careful not to arrive too early or leave too late as your boss might come to expect this.

Hopefully, all of these tips in this blog post will help you to make a great first impression when you start your dream job. Do you have any other fab ideas how to do this? Let me know!


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