Your Starter Guide To The Hipster Style

These days being a hipster doesn’t just make you part of a social group that thinks cool things are overrated. It means that you are a fashion forward individual who is actually at the peak of style. You will be amazed by how many second glances you get and even phone numbers if you start dressing more like a hipster. Like it or lump it, hipsters are cool these days which, ironically, they must really hate…

Regardless, there are a few things you need to know if you want to become a full-fledged hipster.

An Ironic T-Shirt That Hardly Anyone Gets

Yep, you definitely need one of these. It might be a tee with a quote or reference to your favourite cult tv show or film. It should have a caption where if people ask about it you can smile and say something along the lines of ‘well true fans know’ and go from there. You will find a vast collection of these t-shirts from a shop like Of course, if you don’t fancy wearing a t-shirt, a bright checkered shirt works well too. Though, the shirt should be tight fitting and show off your slim yet toned physique.

An Absolutely Awesome Beard

Sorry guys, but unless you can grow facial hair, you can’t be a true hipster. Sure you can try and compensate for the lack of facial fur with a wacky, unique hairstyle but true hipsters will scoff at your attempts. So, a beard then. Your first question is probably going to be, how on earth do they grow them? The trick to growing facial hair is to keep your skin impeccably clean, washing at least twice a day. You’ll find if you do this and ironically, shave regularly, the hair begins to grow. Of course, growing the beard isn’t enough. You also have to trim and style it to perfection. So you’ll need a beard trimmer. According to, you can get one that actually lets you trim body hair as well which is useful and your head hair. So, if you want to shave the sides of your head while keeping your beard neat and tidy, you’ll be able to do it with this.

Tight Clothing?

Did we mention your clothing should be fitted perfectly? That includes your trousers, shorts and whatever else you choose to wear. If you’re not wearing jeans that feel like the jaws of life are clamping down on your legs, you my friend are hipstering wrong.

Cool Glasses

Finally, you need a pair of glasses. What about if you don’t need glasses? No problem designer stores offer prescription-free glasses to ensure you can still look great, even if you can actually see without them. They are quite expensive, but it’s worth it to complete the overall style.

While we like to poke fun at hipsters a little, from their enviable facial hair to their awesome glasses and chic fashion senses, there’s no denying that they do look rather unique and stylish. There’s no shame in wanting to perfect this fancy fashion trend.


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