You’ll Lose Customers If This Is What You Do

No business wants to believe that they could be losing customers, but if you’re doing the things in this guide, there’s every chance you could be losing them without even realizing it. If you know that some of your past customers aren’t coming back to you anymore, you’re not reaching your projected sales, your goals seem out of reach, and you’ve noticed a number of other bad signs, you need to do something.

If the following is what you do, then it’s no wonder you’re losing customers:

You Think Your Product Is Good Enough Alone

Your product can be great, but that alone is not going to get you the results that you want to get. It’s the overall service that makes people want to shop with you. If your service makes them feel good as a whole, they’ll come back. If you don’t, then they’ll go elsewhere. Yes – even for a product that isn’t quite as good, but service that is better.

You Offer Minimal Ways To Pay

One thing that will make customers turn around when they get to the check out is not having an easy way for them to pay. They want to be able to pay as easily as possible, so make sure you’re giving them options. It isn’t hard to set up ecommerce credit card processing, so don’t put it off. Make sure you make things as simple as possible, as customers often stop before buying something when they are teetering on the edge of parting with their money.

Treating Your Employees Badly

Treating your employees badly will reflect badly on your business eventually. You have to think of it this way; your employees should be your brand advocates. They are hardly going to be shouting about your business if they are being treated poorly. You’ll develop a bad reputation, have a high employee turnover, and experience a number of other problems. Customers usually interact directly with your staff, so this can be a problem too. Make sure you’re not a boss, but a great leader. Treat them well, and show your employees that you genuinely care. They will reward you with loyalty, and you’ll increase your customer base as a result.

Treating New And Old Customers Differently

If you treat brand new and old customers too differently, old customers are likely to get irked and go elsewhere. Many businesses make the mistake of believing they have to go in for the kill with new customers all the time, when really, focusing on keeping old customers happy is one of the best ways to grow a business. Studies have shown it’s easier to get an old customer to come back to you than get a new customer, so make sure you put appropriate practices in place.

Poor Staff Training

Training your staff and making sure everybody is on the same page is the only thing that will help your business to offer a consistent service. One of the biggest gripes customers have with businesses is inconsistent service. Make sure they know how they should be treating customers, the level of power they have to rectify issues, and other appropriate training that will improve your business.


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