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XWHY XMAS Guestlist #6 – Anna

Seven days, seven musical maestros, 35 ‘Best of 2013 Music’ tracks….Merry Christmas!

Gorgeous DJ Anna Wall has played all over the world – from sets for purveyors of quality house music Defected in Bodrum, renouned dance and club rag Mixmag in Miami, to a place that needs no prologue – Space in Ibiza.

Arbiter of the deep house, her mixes, many of which you can have a listen to on her Soundcloud account, or her regular radio show for Future Disco, are a dreamy, heady blend of melody and atmosphere.

Also, did we mention that producer MK – responsible for this summer’s anthemic Storm Queen remix – once named a song after her?

Here is what she had to say about the year 2013 in music…


Well 2013 was a funny year in music for me. I laugh that spending a summer out in Ibiza was, ironically, somewhat like having my head buried in the sand…

I fell behind on new releases and the latest trends and I wasn’t particularly efficient at keeping up with my favourite labels – there are no vinyl shops on the island! And download speeds for digital promo are notoriously low. Go figure. But, interestingly, this caused me to dig backwards into the depths of my music reserves, to find things that had been lost or forgotten….

However, for my top five of 2013, I have racked my brains for the gems that I did manage to get hold of that were released this year…

Italojohnson 7 – ‘A’ (Italojohnson)

One of those tunes that you go chasing all year…Craig Richards played it…tINI played it…Iron Glaxy played it in his latest mix…and it’s driving you round the bend. Especially when it cleverly uses a dirty little sample of a long and forgotten R&B pop tune you used to listen to as a kid, by KP & Envy. Then you’re having a mix at your friends house, and about 3 hours in, she decides to nonchalantly spin it. “Why didn’t you play this to me before?”, I ask. “What did I tell you. Just buy every single Italojohnson vinyl. I told you!” What was I thinking (or not thinking). This is, for lack of a better word, a dancefloor bomb. Bring on Italojohnson 8…

Maribou State – ‘Moon Circles’ (Southern Fried)

Having only caught my attention a few months ago ,with a release date in October, ‘Moon Circles’ proves that saving a flawless single such as this ’til the end of the year can work wonders. With it’s serene low-fi backdrop, beautiful keys, and warming vocals this track will easily carry it’s way well into 2014.

Mirror People – ‘Kaleidoscope’ (Psychemagik Remix) (Discotexas)

It’s an old myth that you have to be in the clubs and all the coolest parties in Ibiza to get your latest fix of new tunes. I actually first heard this sitting on a remote beach in the North East side of the island, on a friends iPhone. And it quickly became one of the tunes of my summer. Rarely do I come across tracks like this – it’s got a build that makes you feel like you’ve watched a whole film in the cinema, right through to the final credits.

Mirror people anna wall best of 2013 music

Two Armadillos – ‘Floating Fast’ (Two Armadillos)

I wanted to include this as it was a sad moment for many when we heard the news of Martin Dawson’s untimely death back in November 2012. A wonderful collaboration of sorts by Secretsundaze‘ Giles Smith and Martin, their full LP was finally released this year, ‘Golden Age Thinking’, on their own Two Armadillos imprint. This is truly timeless music.

Doc Daneeka Feat. Ratcatcher – ‘Walk On In’ (Numbers)

Another surprising latecomer, this was released not long ago, in November, on Jackmaster’s Numbers imprint. He has successfully blended old-time vocal samples with vinyl crackle, to make this sound like something vintage that we just dug out the crates, but with a warm subby bassline and production mastery that suits the 21st century soundsystem. This is a keeper!

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