XWHY STYLE: Trends for the Summer

“Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day

No work all play, okay!”

Ah if only summer in the city was as dreamy as Will Smith managed to make Miami in his ditty from the album “Big Willie Style”. I’ve never been to Miami but based on this song and a few episodes of Miami Vice (NOT the god awful film they made), it sounds like my kind of town and a great place to inspire your summer wardrobe. 

As the festival season rears it’s beautiful head and the first explorers begin to make their way to the island on Ibiza, we find ourselves peaking into the deep recesses of our wardrobe and asking ourselves what we were thinking when we bought that neon vest for Worldwide Festival and exactly who can get away with those short shorts?!

Well as sure as night follows day, there are new trends winging there way to a high street/ holiday/ party near you and here are some of our picks!

All White Everything

The ying to Jay Z’s all Black Yang. Whether it’s as pure as the driven snow or an aged off white, It’s the shade to be seen in. Just make sure you are stocked up with Daz because stains and sauces are drawn to White like moths to a flame.


White Adidas ZX 500 OG Weave


All White Roshe


White Stutterheim Jacket


American Apparel Dolman sleeve poncho


Publish Brand – Debere

American Apparel Weekender duffle bag

Club Tropicana

Not really a new one, the tropical vibe has been around for a while now but it’s how you wear it that really counts this year. Throw a bit of tropical in a blender add a bit of Army greens and a dash of poor taste to recreate that Tropic Thunder feel that no one can ignore.


Dreambutdontsleep – Blue Tropical 5 Panel


Carhartt – Marlow shirt


Libertine-Libertine – Choir Shorts


Karmakkula – Hawaiin Shirt


Trainerspotter – Camo Palm Sweatshirt

It’s a Pastel Party

If there was ever a year you could get away with a Miami Vice Style pastel suit then 2014 would be it. Unfortunately though casual is the new smart, so Uncle Dave will have to wait at least another year before dusting his vintage number off. In the meantime indulge in a classic Oxford Shirt Teamed with some light denim if you really have to impress. 


Mipac  – Yellow Candy Stripe


Cos – Tunic Shirt


Lacoste Live! – Printed Polo


Dreambutdontsleep – Reversibile Bucket Hat


Topman – Sport Shorts

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