XWHY Style: HYPE x Simpsons


Now here is a question for you…

What happens when the fastest growing streetwear brand in the UK collides with the most successful US animation series of the last two decades? Don’t worry if you’re struggling to work that one out because we have the answer for you right here. Hype have launched a collaboration with The Simpsons combining their penchant for bold colourful prints with the images of the worlds most famous cartoon family and it’s pretty much the best thing since


For those of you who like to draw on the inner Bart Simpson when they are putting together a look there is good news. The range includes everything from shirts & tees to motif shorts and accessories that draw inspiration from the Simpsons style and colour palette. I’ve not searched for everyone but I’m pretty sure all of the shows favourites feature some where in the collection, even the 3 eyed fish of Springfield!



Shop the collection now on the Hype site HERE


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