XWHY Music: Stormzy shows us why 2017 is his year, at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


Before he released his debut album, I’m not sure any of us really knew who Stormzy was. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, more that I’m sure most of us had presumed that he was going to be a one trick Grime pony. An MC with the ability to ride on any 140bpm beat put before him in his own unique, laid back and at times humorous way but not an “artist” in the truest sense of the word. That label was more reserved for your Elton Johns, your Princes, even your Kanye Wests. Then came “Gang Signs & Prayers”, a debut album so mature and complete that it caught most of us off guard on the first listen. When we asked for 16 Shut ups we could lose our shit to at some festival in the English countryside, he ignored every one and gave us an album that we didn’t even realise we wanted.

Continuing what has been a momentous year for him so far, Stormzy headed over to the BBC Radio 1 studios today to perform some Live Lounge tracks including a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” and from the album, “Bad Boys” featuring Ghetts and J Hus in what is quite simply a captivating performance.



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