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Brooklyn based producers Love N Lerrone are heating up on the US House circuit at the moment. Having released their single “Vybe Right” at the end of 2016 on the Very Jazzed label, they are back with their latest release called “Babae”.

“Babae” is available for free download now from their official Spotify, ‘Babae’ sees the duo give a modern, millennial twist to early jack and swing house influences. Crafting a cool, effortless cut that pops with early 80s synth sounds, the track builds around a bubbling Mariah-esque top line that bumps up against muted organ elements, soft, padded percussion and syncopated melodies that have a definite grounding in 80s B-boy/B-girl electronica.


We reached out to Love N Lerrone while they were doing shows in SXSW to talk to them about how the magic House duo came together, the joys of South By and what success looks like for them.

How did you guys come together?

We only met a few years ago and instantly realized we shared a lot of the same music taste (especially dance music). I think we were both unconsciously secretly looking for a counterpart to complement the other’s creative-ism. Started DJing together and was just totally natural progression to start making music together.

How would you describe your sound?

You know that feeling when you are on vacation for a really long time and then you come home and use your own bathroom for the first time? That feeling is what we sound like. Release.

What does your music production set up consist of?

We produce in Ableton. We have a Juno 106, Prophet 600, Dave Smith Mopho, + actually really love the Roland JV-1080 for pads and super 90s sounds.  Have a UAD apollo and a bunch of those plug ins that sound unreal (as everyone will tell you blah blah haha). Let’s see what else ..Distressor, love running bass through Moog Ladder Filter. Todd (Lerrone) is a guitar player so we have a massive amount of analog pedals for running things through.. Bunch of guitars and a Savage Glas30 guitar amp. (There’s some more stuff but I think but I think you get the idea ).

Would you say being based in Brooklyn has influenced your sound at all?

Yes living in BK is everything.

What are your thoughts on SXSW as a place to showcase new music? (Have you had a positive experience?)

We had a really super positive experience but you have to know what to expect. To   be honest SXSW at this point is way too oversaturated.   You are not going to be “discovered”. But if you get some good shows/parties and know what you are getting into it’s great. Just gotta understand that you are going to go meet some awesome people, hear/see 676949829874496594 acts, do a lot of partying ..haha. Been there in years passed and every time it’s like wow that’s even more of a shit show (surfing emoji, dancing emoji, poop emoji).

More and more people are finding different ways to survive and thrive within the current music world, what have you had to do to navigate such a difficult industry?

A lot people will say oh I had to to do this or oh I had to do that and that’s sooo very real but really what I would say helps the most is meditating. We are both meditators. It’s the single most valuable tool I can think of.

2016 some big musical icons pass away and people begging for their other heroes to make it to 2017, has it made you more passionate about live music and seeing the big names you care about?

Not to sound cliche but It just makes us more passionate about just living…seeing live music is always part of it but really it just puts things in perspective.  Just telling yourself “ Yoooo! It’s ALL all good. Seriously!” Make good shit. Do shit that you fucking want to. They sure fucking did.

What are the tracks that get the biggest crowd reaction when you drop them at the moment?

Jamie 3:26 & Masalo – Testify , Chris Malinchak – Magic , Snacks – Burnin , James Welsh – Craven

A lot more DJs and artists seem to be coming out and speaking publically about their mental health issues of late. Do you think it has anything to do with the lifestyle that comes with working in music or is it more that men are finally realising that it’s ok to talk about it?

Yes it’s def both I think. It’s more acceptable to talk about it for some reason now but  I think it’s always been there. The constant having to be creative on command, staying up all night all the time, constant traveling etc etc will start to take a toll on any human.

How would you say being a DJ affects your relationships outside of music with friends and family?

It’s kindof like you have 2 lives. The daytime earth dweller civilized life and then the nighttime vampire core of the earth and/or outer space life. Family pretty much falls into the daytime earth dweller category. Friends can be double agents though. You have to balance both or else you have chaos in your inner which translates to chaos in the physical world. Make sense?

From all your travelling around, which cities now have the biggest buzz around them as far as music is concerned?

Brooklyn, London, Berlin

Are you someone that is excited about the resurgence of vinyl sales or do you think we should be looking to platforms like Spotify and soundcloud as the future?

I think both have a great place in a music lover’s life. That actual physical and tactile thing that you get from Vinyl can never be replicated. The sound is just warm and feels different. Just owning that size art and holding it etc.

But if you are really talking about the “future” specifically it’s definitely in Spotify and Soundcloud. The convenience and the amount of new music you can easily and constantly find is just astounding. And it keeps re-inventing itself. Not to reference Drake (but to reference Drake)… His brand new shit “More Life” is really like a whole new medium. It’s not an album.  It’s a “playlist” and all of sudden that has a whole new set of rules. You don’t have to be on all the songs necessarily. Maybe it’s not album material but you want to put it out there in another way. Maybe a collaboration can happen once but you don’t need 4 songs like that to create continuity on the album. The list can go on forever we are just starting here.

Where is the one place in the world you want to perform that you haven’t already?

South America, Amalfi Coast (is that 2?)

What does success in the music world look like to you?

Being able to create and do exactly what you want to do while sustaining yourself. Play out, make tunes, live life, be inspired regularly.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2017?

Right this second we are staying in studio and making a ton more tunes. We have residencies in NYC right now that you can see us at least twice a month here, but not for 2 long. By summer time it’s gonna be tour time…


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