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Cowlin is a very busy boy. When he’s not travelling up and down the South East and London DJing in venues such as Egg, Ministry of Sound and Moition or festivals such as Bugged Out, Cowlin can be found in the studio making music or working on content for his music site “Whistle Louder”.  It’s a lot to take on but Cowlin has an infectious enthusiasm for all things related to House and boundless energy to boot.

This passion is what initially saw him launch his own House music platform Whistle Louder just over a year ago, focusing on the underground scene and allowed him access to some of the biggest names in House Music as well as events up and down the country. Most recently having spent the last few years honing his production skills, Cowlin has released his debut track “Get Hype”, available on Spotify, Beatport and ITunes.

We caught up with him to discuss how Whistle Louder has opened up doors for him, how he copes with being in the industry and what lays ahead for him.

So what have you been up to since we last caught up?

Since we last spoke (over two years ago now?!) my vision has become a lot clearer as to what I want to do within music… I’ve been networking really hard, playing DJ sets regularly in different venues alongside some of my biggest inspirations.

I’ve started producing music and have just released my first track ‘Get Hype’ with Phonetic Recordings, it’s genuinely the best feeling having people support something I love doing.

Check out Cowlin’s track Get Hype here on Beatport! http://bit.ly/CowlinGetHype

What are your personal goals for 2017?

To make it to 2018, HA! Nah, for 2017 I want to push my name in the underground scene and be recognised for my new releases which I can’t wait for everyone to hear! I’ve been working hard in the studio and with my team, getting my sound together. This year I want to release more of my tracks and hopefully have my music played all over the globe!

So what was the idea behind setting up Whistle Louder?

I started off really just motivated to support my favourite DJs, record labels and event brands. Whistle Louder has grown quickly, with many more plans in place for this year! Keep an eye on www.whistlelouder.co.uk

Who have been the biggest people that you’ve been able to interview in the last year?

Well, it was a pleasure to feature Elrow, one of my favourite events… I’d say everyone Whistle Louder has covered are making an impact in the scene in their own way. I’ve covered a lot of different styles from the house & techno scene…

Have you found that Whistle Louder has opened up any new doors for you?

Starting Whistle Louder was my best move. Being able to work with all the amazing DJs, record labels, & event brands has really opened doors up for me. Whistle Louder allows me to speak to the right people, offering features and interviews. I feel we all need to support each other for the industry to grow bigger and stronger. It genuinely is the best feeling working with my favourite artists, DJs and promoters.

What are the tracks that get the biggest crowd reaction when you drop them at the moment?

One tune I still play in a lot of my sets is Patrick Topping – Forget. The rhythm of the baseline throughout the whole track really gets people moving.  Raffa FL is releasing some bombs along with Solardo, Latmun, Green Velvet, Brett Gould to name a few.

A lot more DJs and artists seem to be coming out and speaking publicly about their mental health issues of late. Do you think it has anything to do with the lifestyle that comes with working in music or is it more that men are finally realising that it’s ok to talk about it?

I think it’s great when established DJs open up about mental health issues they are experiencing or have experienced. It makes it a lot easier for other people to open up and ask for help knowing other people are going through the same struggles.

I haven’t spoken about this in an interview before, but it’s something I have to fight with myself too. I can’t explain it in words, but it almost feels like a bad dream. Everyone has good days and bad days. Talking with people really helps, but speaking with a professional is the best thing to do.

How do you cope with the stresses of being a DJ as well as running Whistle Louder?

Sometimes it can be tiring, but the main reason I’m doing it all is because I have a strong passion for it. You have to really love what you do… and when people show love back it’s such a massive boost to keep going.

From all your travelling around, which cities now have the biggest buzz around them as far as music is concerned?

Different cities do their own thing in a certain way. There are many places I still want to visit and play at… I enjoy the buzz in London though, you can always count on strong line ups in the capital. I’ve heard very good things about Berlin. I haven’t yet been, but I’m told the atmosphere is amazing.

It may be a bit early in the year to be thinking about it but have you got plans to head to Ibiza this year?

Still reminiscing (and recovering!) from summer 2016 in Ibiza… there is something magical about the island. Planning to head back over there this year and work with some of the biggest parties and hopefully land a few DJ sets!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cowlin.music

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cowlinmusic

Twitter: @itscowlin

Instagram: @itscowlin




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