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Because a man can have too many pairs of socks, Quality Street is dead and willy warmers are just…do we even have to say?

There’s a rumour that’s been in circulation for about a hundred years, probably more, that men are notoriously hard to buy for. It’s thanks to the pervasiveness of such scurrilous gossip that guys all over the world spend January with an overflowing sock drawer and a few extra inches of flab around their waist.

It’s a stupid rumour. Guys like lots of stuff! And, newsflash, lots of different guys like lots of different stuff.

We stressed this in our Gifts for Girls article, and by jove we’re going to say it again and see if we can’t drum it in, but the best way to get someone a cool or meaningful gift is to pay a little bit of attention to the sort of things they already have.

So, in the spirit of variety, we’ve asked three of our XWHY team for their ideas:


Photographer Cooper Naitove, from Brooklyn NYC is all about technology and quality menswear…

Whipping Post

Everyone likes a fashion and music combination. Click on the ‘About’ section on the site and read Ryan Bar’s little synopsis of the brand’s history. It begins “Fail as a musician + work some crap jobs” and ends “get a dog names Banjo + travel a bit + feel grateful + start making other useful stuff”… Twee, but fun.

I bought the ‘Picker’s’ wallet for my brother this year, but their other stuff is rad too.

Whipping Post


Think of watches like man jewellery. It’s the first thing another guy is going to notice about you (unless your girlfriend is smoking hot). For f*ck’s sake though, stop buying ones with fake diamonds or mass produced garbage from somewhere like Fossil. Do a little research.

A guy is better off wearing nothing at all than a watch that screams “I bought this because I don’t know anything about watches.”

Laco has a good story behind them, and aren’t too expensive, depending on which one you choose. And TW Steel makes amazing watches, if you’ve got more money to spend.

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I appreciate a great pair of jeans, something made of ‘selvedge denim’ – look it up – its the strongest and best denim in the roll.



Finally, Crystal Acoustics Blu, a device that will let me stream music wirelessly to my speaker without needing to leave my iPhone attached.

Also, I travel a lot and I don’t want to play games on my phone. I can get my work done AND get down to some serious gaming after with the Ultrablade.



Michael Thomas, streetwear aficionado…


Vintage meets streetwear, they were our Brand of the Week a while ago. They use a lot of typography, as seems to be the trend, but their stuff is significantly different. I’m in the market for their Lucifer rucksack.


Dream But Do Not Sleep

A very young brand, with roots in electronic music. Mainly shirts and caps. I’d go with the corduroy / blue floral five panel, or if you’re feeling fruity, the pineapple short-sleeved button down.


Howl London

Despite the name, these guys ship outside of the UK, but it’s a nice opportunity to get some straight-out-of-the-capital streetwear.

The yellow daytripper is the one.


Uniform Wares

Just for the sake of a curveball, this one’s not a streetwear pick. ‘Vintage’ Casios might have enjoyed a lengthy revival, but simple, sleek watches are back. They add a nice stylish dimension to an otherwise dressed down outfit. Uniform Wares has some sick offerings. PLUS, they’ve got loads of stockists in London, so if you’re missing the post and doing the inevitable Christmas Eve dash, you’ll be able to find one of these.


Also, you did know that Spotify do giftcards right? If he likes music, and seriously why do you even associate with him if he doesn’t, then this is a simple but completely useful gift.


Marcus Reed, the engineer with a passion for food and games…

Technology Will Save Us

Well, I mean, I’m an aircraft engineer in training, so I want a jetpack….if anyone with a spare $100,00 wants to get me one of THESE, I’d be chuffed. Gadgets are an obvious choice for a bloke’s Christmas present. The thing is, though, at least when it comes to myself, that I love gadgets because I want to understand the technology. If someone hands me a cool contraption, the first thing I want to do is take it all apart, examine it and then see if I can put it all back together and make it work.

We’ve just interviewed these guys – it should be up soon so watch this space – and as far as I understood, they’re a lovely bunch of chaps who’ve really captured the spirit of this whole technology generation. Essentially, they create technology-based items, but they also sell kits with all the components so you can make them too. They’ve got a kit which lets you build and programme your own little games console – this is literally MY DREAM gift.

Also, they do workshops, where you can play around with things and basically feel like your some technology wizard inventor.

Technology Will Save Us Christmas Gift

We all like to pretend we’re connoisseurs of good spirits. I think it directly correlates with age – the further we get into our thirties, the mightier we estimate our powers of alcohol discerning are. Most of us drastically overestimate our talents though. Handily, have a Malt Matcher’ function which allows you to settle on a whisky to suit your tastes. It’s slightly gimmicky, but it’s booze with a conversation starting point, so it’s a winner.

Christmas Gifts for guys



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