Workplace Stress: Taking Care Of You

Burnout. You’ve probably heard of it before. It’s the process in which you get more and more exhausted and stressed out, until you’re a shivering wreck beneath the duvet, calling in sick for work and wishing that you could go on a very long, very hot holiday. Climbing up the corporate ladder isn’t easy; it comes with a set of challenges that most people have no idea about until they’re in it, and the competition in the workplace can create a pressure that is hard to get away from.

When you spend all the time in the office that you do, you rarely think about the number of hours that you put in. When you do realise how much time you spend at work, it’s important to think about how you are taking care of yourself. Staying healthy and thriving is so important at work, and while you will be concentrating on self-care outside the office, you need to think about how to care for yourself once you get past those security gates. Your employer can keep you physically safe at all times, but what about your mental and emotional health?

Taking breaks is vital. You may be in the office for a set period of time each day, but that doesn’t mean that you should be sat at a desk for the entirety of that time. You are not going to be productive by ploughing through every piece of work possible. You need to take a break every couple of hours, even if that break is a turn around the block for some fresh air while you stretch your legs.

Knowing how to say ‘no’ matters. You are a vital part of your organisation, but you aren’t the only part of the company. Saying yes to every piece of work and every deadline that comes your way is going to be harder as time goes on. You need to set your own personal boundaries from day one and you’ll be able to back away from overtime if you choose to.

Hydration is key. Drinking water instead of chucking back espressos is going to keep your brain hydrated. There are so many issues that occur with not drinking enough water, and when you’re caught up in your work it’s so easy to forget to drink the water each day that will keep you healthy.

Go out for lunch. Working lunches are nice sometimes but getting away from your desk and away from your computer screen is going to make the difference between a rested and less-stressful day or one that is packed full of issues. Take yourself out for lunch. Go to a local park and take in the scenery and breathe the clean air that hasn’t been recycled.

Your workplace isn’t supposed to make you sick, but you are accountable for yourself. This means that you need to put yourself first sometimes, even if you are in the job of your dreams. You are more than your work.


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