Working On Cloud 9

Before now, the phrase “every cloud has a silver-lining” was one of those cliched things you would say to a mate that was having a rough time, like when their long-term girlfriend had just cheated on them or their business idea of flip-flops made out of jelly was about to go under. But these days, that phrase has a whole new meaning because the cloud has arrived and it is saving businesses time and money the world over. You go, cloud!

Once upon a time, big businesses were able to eat up the ground in an industry for the simple fact they could afford to buy and achieve things small businesses couldn’t. Well, thanks to the cloud bringing about a technological revolution, those days are gone. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the major benefits you could be enjoying (#cloud9).

The C-Word: Collaboration

So long as your device has an internet connection, you can get onto the cloud anytime and from anywhere, which means collaboration is a million times easier than it has ever been. For a business leader, this could mean reducing overheads by having employees work remotely, it could mean attracting top talent by selling the idea of having them work while travelling, or it could simply mean more productivity in the office. We’re talking screen sharing, file sharing, working simultaneously on a project, conference calling and just about everything else.

Your Favourite Color Is Green

One of the reasons why the world has gone bonkers for the cloud is because it can save you money, and lots of it. Yes, we’re talking about server maintenance costs, energy bills and cooling costs. But it goes way further than this. You can save money on the time it takes to perform tasks, whether it be hiring some cloud accountants to minimize the chances of human error or waiting for someone to get back into the office to perform a task. You can save money on space, with less room taken up by bulky and chunky servers. And you can save money or IT support staff, with the need for expensive full-timers no longer required.

Think Big, Achieve Big

To us, the greatest thing about the cloud revolution is how easy it makes it to scale. This was once a very long, arduous and expensive thing to do, which made it an absolute pain in the you-know-where when it came to handling busy periods or trying to capitalise on the chance to grow. But this has since changed. Thanks to the cloud, the guessing game is over. You don’t need to predict your needs, you just have to use what is required to manage them. Let’s say you have a project that suddenly needs more people and better collaboration; that can now be done quickly without any advanced planning. It’s golden.

Lean On Me

The one thing that businesses want to hear is “improved reliability”, and that is exactly what the cloud offers, especially when you compare it to the service of servers that is on-premises; servers that are old and archaic and all but useless. Hit the cloud up and you can resolve any problems that might arise in the blink of an eye, and that has to be a good thing for everyone.


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