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Wingman App – Mile High Club Just Got Less Exclusive

An app to forge mid-flight hook-ups in tiny little bathrooms…fun?!

The Wingman app is essentially the same as Tinder, except that it’s more overtly sexual (if that’s possible) and facilitates an encounter in a tiny bathroom, in a tin can, 30,000 feet above the earth…

The premise is incredibly simple. The app hooks you up with other, similarly bored/horny/curious folk aboard the plane that you’ve just boarded.

Talk about in-flight entertainment…

It’s still in its development phase at the moment, but creator Gabe Whaley, 24, promises imminent arrival.

Besides the obviously seedy element of wanting to get your ‘wings’ in an unbelievably cramped, ergonomically ridiculous space (I’ve tried it, the reality is a lot less sexy than you might imagine it to be), there are actually some pretty good reasons for using such an app.

Flying alone is incredibly dull. Besides cramming your legs into a space suitable only for the Yodas of this world, you’ve got to put up with some fat prick to your left taking up more than his allocated elbow space. You drop your book and you’ve essentially got to remove a rib and perform extreme yoga to retrieve it from beneath the seat in front. When the book gets boring you’ve got what? Time to twiddle your thumbs before the drinks trolly makes it back your way? Fun times.

Turning the plane into a sociable hub seems like quite a nice wee idea. You could get up, have a little chat and a wander, annoy some air stewards together, swap your boring books, recommend places to visit at the other end…

If Wingman worked in airports it would be even better. Sitting around, in transit, waiting for a connecting flight that’s been delayed three hours is no way to have a good time. There is only so many times you can browse the digital cameras before you look like you’re casing the joint and one more gin and tonic and you’re in danger of being refused entry to the plane. So what about spending an hour chatting to a fellow traveller? You could, of course, use Tinder in this way, but surely an app that’s purpose was to promote cross-traveller-interaction would be better.

There are obvious pitfalls. The most searingly clear one, of course, is that on a plane, you can’t escape. Imagine your match turned out to be a cat-hoarding weirdo. Or, someone you absolutely had no intention of swiping yes to, decides to take their chance anyway and comes to find you, knowing that you’ve got to be around there somewhere. You’ve got nowhere to go. You’re literally screwed.

And if everyone’s suddenly using the bathrooms for mid-flight sex-tastophes, where the hell are you supposed to actually pee?!

The WINGMAN App, coming to a sky near you….

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