Bitstrips Secures $3m investment. WHYYYYY?

Do we really need to spell these out to you? They’re so moronic and pedestrian, we’d rather not give them explanation or airtime. If you’ve seriously missed the concept, to Wikipedia with you…

The only explanation you really need, though, is this: it’s an app that makes you question the sanity, intellect and wit of your Facebook friends. Which has sometimes had the unfortunate knock-on effect of forcing you to question your own by association. Essentially, it’s an existential crisis in colourful, badly-drawn, playground form. Joy.


But, somehow, dumbass after dumbass has fallen prey to Facebook’s latest spammy scam-bot – so many that the company has now secured a $3 million investment (?!?), enabling them to not just continue their reign of newsfeed IQ-endangering, but to widen their reach…

They’re so annoying that the writers over at TechCrunch, usually relatively sanguine, have fantasised about going back in time and murdering the Bitstrip creators. Seriously.

So far, the grievances suffered by the many at the behest of, unfortunately, also the many, have led Buzzfeed to offer a guide to blocking Bitstrips from your timeline. But will this save us from future assaults?

Come on people, fight the Bitstrip terror and let’s all go back to pretending we’re friends with discerning, educated human beings.



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