What You Need To Perfect The Break Room

The break room is a big part of the office. It’s where anyone on your payroll gets to spend anything from 20 minutes to an hour relaxing away from their desk or tasks for the day. It’s where the people fight over who ate the wrong sandwich in the fridge. And it’s the place that can really make the office feel a little more humane, at the end of the day.

But your breakroom needs to be right. Having a functioning office isn’t all about the computers you’ve got laid out, or the ergonomic chairs your employees are thriving in. No, the social aspect is incredibly important as well, and you should never forget about it in your quest to improve and maintain your internal operations. So here’s a couple of ideas for perfecting the break room in your world of work.

Somewhere to Sit

Sure, your employees have been sitting at their desks for hours, tapping away and closing up all the deals that make your business successful. But in the breakroom, make sure there’s a few tables to sit down and eat at. You don’t want to stand around and eat your lunch, unless you’re on a health kick and need to stretch out, so don’t make your staff do this either!

Your breakroom needs to be big enough for at least two tables, and at least three chairs to go around each of those. It’ll be a little cheaper than bulk buying sofas to enclose the room, and it’s always a little awkward to try and eat whilst you’re reclining on those. Make the room convenient to use.

Easy Ways to Drink

And this usually means free, so make sure there’s always some free water or coffee on tap for your employees to indulge in. It can help sate their afternoon cravings right at work, and means they’re always better hydrated and in a good frame of mind to go back to work once their shift is over.

Look into some Commercial Coffee Machines to get you started here, as you’re going to want something robust that’s going to work day in and day out. You don’t want to be calling in repairmen every month or so, seeing as the filter has broken again, so take some good advice on this matter.

Make it Seperate

You don’t want your staff walking into the breakroom and feeling like they’re still at work, so you need to make sure the room in which they’re meant to have lunch and enjoy it stands out a little. You can do this by adding in a rug, or having a different color on the walls, maybe a potted plant in the corner; easy moves that just change the scenery a little work every time.

It’s a mark of a successful business: having a break room that really works by putting your employees in better moods and actually giving them a break is always the best route to take when running a business.


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