What Kind of Career Is Right For You?

We spend a huge part of our lives working, and so it’s important to find a role that we find interesting or rewarding on some level. Sure, in most cases work is always going to be a means to an end, a way to pay the bills, but if you turn up to your workplace each day and hate every single hour that you sit through then this is going to affect your life drastically. These days, the fact that you can study part time, online from home around your other commitments means you don’t have to be stuck in a job that feels stale and stagnant. There are training days you can go on, apprenticeships you can look into and now that the job market is picking back up, you’re able to snag the job you want to live a life that’s true to you. But how do you go about choosing the right career? Instead of basing it solely on money, think of what your interests are. If you can find a role that incorporates things you find interesting or exciting, your work life will be far more fulfilling. Here are some examples.

Careers For Those Who Are Full of Energy

Working a sedentary job where you’re sat in a stuffy office all day isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you much prefer to be up on your feet, or like to work outside? There are lots of things you could consider. If you have a love of health and fitness, why not gain a diploma in something like exercise instruction, or go on a personal training course and gain the qualification you need? You get to be up on your feet, burning energy as well as help other achieve their goals. If you like to be active outside, how about a job in landscape gardening? Wedding, digging, mowing and building will require someone with good energy levels, so if this is you then it could be right up your street. Lots of colleges offer horticulture courses, or you could look into something like tree surgery or related courses too. If going back to study isn’t for you, how about setting up a business in removals? People always need a strong pair of hands for things like collections and removals and house moves. You will need to invest in a good sized van, and make sure you have the relevant insurances in place. If the thought of sitting behind a desk for hours bores you to tears and you’re much more interested in being up and doing things, then find a career that reflects this.

Careers For The Financially Savvy

Perhaps you’ve always been good with numbers, you might have enjoyed maths at school and went on to study a mathematical related course such as computing, geometry or accounting. Finance is a great choice for those that are mathematically inclined, and you could become anything from a financial analyst to working in procurement in business. Since this isn’t the best known of business careers, your best bet would be to check out a procurement recruitment agency to round up all of these jobs into one place. You could work in bank, in insurance or in investments too. If you’re good with numbers with a strong interest in the finance side of things, these could be roles you would enjoy.

Careers For Those Who Love People

Are you a people person who thrives on human interaction? If so, a job where you’re working alone most of the day is likely to leave you bored and lonely. Some career options for you could be within healthcare, this could be working in a care home, as a nurse, working with children or those with disabilities. Teaching is another that you’re likely to enjoy if you’re a people person. It doesn’t have to be teaching children, you could become a lecturer and teach in universities. You don’t need a teaching qualification to do this, but you will need to go on to study for a PhD after you have gained your degree and masters in the subject that interests you. Any customer focused job will also be a good choice, this could be in retail, sales or in business. If you have great communication skills and are at ease with others, it’s worth looking into a career that allows you to do this.

What career would you want to switch to, based on your personal interests?


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