Watches: For the Slender of Wallet

It’s all very well having a timeless timepiece, but sometimes you just want a watch that it’s ok to put through the mill. A Rolex just isn’t made for your average, decent warehouse rave. Take a look at our picks for a cheap and cheerful time teller.Slide1

Swatch: £44.50 – The Watch Hut



Breo: £25 –



Adidas – £39.32 – The Watch Hut


Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 21.11.13


Casio: it’s an oldie but a goodie – £8.99 – Argos


Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 21.18.37

Herbrigg: £15.97 – Light in the Box




Timex: £49.00 – The Watch Hut




Casio: for the accountant that just can’t switch off – £47.92




Post-it watch, because let’s be honest, you always check the time on your phone anyway… £8.50 – Gizmodo


BY: MIchael Thomas




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