Watch This: Break dancing with gravity is so last year!

I’ve never really stopped being mesmerised by street dancers and their ability to twist, contort and spring in a way that my limited body couldn’t even dream of without causing myself serious injury. Like all people at the top of their game, they seem to be able to push the boundaries in order to reach new heights and some take that literally.

For the latest #StayTrue Story from Ballantine’s scotch whiskey they travelled to California and hooked up with YouTube street dance sensation Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott to tell his story + push the boundaries of what’s possible by breaking gravity in a unique performance, 115ft off the ground…

Ballantine's Presents Nonstop's Breakin' Gravity Behind the Scenes 1


The man himself commented: “This has quite literally always been a dream of mine. People have long said that my style makes them think that I am defying physics; that it doesn’t look real. So what better way to push me further as an artist than to try and deconstruct the laws of gravity, push my body to the limit and create a performance that appears completely impossible!”


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