Watch Dems’ Evocative Mini-Movie For New Track ‘Wake’


Dems are renowned for taking an abstract approach to music video making.

Much like the tracks themselves, the videos are usually transcendent of typical music video tropes.

If a specific story or meaning exists, it is usually enshrouded in enough complex cinematography to make it relatively indecipherable. This isn’t a criticism – it gives the viewer room to decide what they want to glean from the experience.

The video for ‘Wake’ is no less dreamlike, if a little bit more concrete in its storyline.

The Dems boys have ventured further into movie-making this time, with frontman Dan Moss taking the lead as a beleaguered taxi driver, reacting to a string of garrulous passengers.

As the conversations unravel, it’s hard to tell if the journey is about to descend into a warped Hunter S. Thompson situation, or something more sinister.

As with all Dems things, it’s left for you to decide.


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