Valentine Gift Ideas

One of the hardest part about being in a relationship is having to take in all the subtle hints that are dropped through out the year about what your other half might like to receive as a present. Valentine’s Day is particularly tricky because you’ve probably just bought all of her “most wanted” for Christmas. So we’ve put our thinking caps on to provide you with a handy list of potential options/inspiration, for those of you who might be fresh out of ideas. Whether you’ve been together donkey’s year or it’s a fresh romance, there is something for everyone.

“Fuck It ” Duffle Bag – Huf

In case you missed it the sentiment of this bag is clearly emblazoned on the side for you and everyone else to see. The perfect accessory for those “Fuck it” moments when you just pack a bag and head off for a romantic weekend in a hotel away from home.

G.H.Mumm Rose Champagne

For some reason Rosé seems to be reserved for sunny summer afternoons during the Summer and therefore those of us who would love to indulge in a drop of the pink stuff all year round, spend our time waiting for it to be acceptable to have a glass. Thankfully Valentines day is the perfect reason to break the rules and official champagne suppliers to the court of Her Majesty the Queen, G.H. Mumm provide the perfect tipple.

Sampha – Process

Every romantic evening deserves a decent soundtrack, but sometimes the romantic mood can drift towards cringe with one misplaced Whitney Houston track. So opt for this excellent new album by Sampha instead. “Process” has been a long time coming from the SBTRKT & Drake collaborator but it does not fail to deliver!

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit – Bundy & Webster

Something cool and dressy at the same time in the go to colour of black. You can’t go wrong!

Egg Plant Pin –

A female friend of mine said this is all she wanted for Valentines Day. I’m not quite sure why…

  Lovetag – Jane Koenig

Personalisation is still a big thing even all these years after the “Carrie” necklace made it on to our TV screens. These Lovetag from Danish Jewellery designer Jane Koenig can also come with two tags if you want to go for the full initials.

Kiss Kiss Pencils – Etsy

These Kiss Kiss pencils are one sure fire way to make her smile at the thought of you even when she’s knee deep in office work and life admin.


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