Trust The Trade: Why Having a Trade Can Set You Up For Life

Often, very academic jobs are highly paid. Doctors, solicitors and scientists for example are respectable careers and earn well after their many years of training. However, an academic role isn’t for everyone- and if that’s the case for you it doesn’t mean you will be stuck in a low paid job. If you’re good with your hands with fantastic practical skills, don’t mind manual labour and are a hard worker then you can do extremely well in trades. The kind of work these people can offer is always in high demand- whether it’s commercial work, residential, or putting up buildings from scratch. If you can do any of the jobs below the sky’s the limit in regards to earnings.


As a builder, you could be working on small residential building jobs such as repairing brickwork or building garden walls- or larger jobs like putting up extensions, garages and conservatories. You could be working on building sites, erecting buildings from the ground up. If this is something you’re interested in, undertake some construction training and get qualified. You will likely start from the bottom labouring and helping another builder before working your way up.


As a carpenter you could be building furniture for clients, things like made to measure custom wardrobes or kitchens can earn you some significant cash. You could be helping to put up anything from buildings to bridges, any job that involves wood will be undertaken by a carpenter. Decide if you would rather do smaller, detailed work such as crafting things like furniture from wood or if you want to work on the larger jobs. Either way, there’s plenty of cash to be earned with this trade.

Plumbers and Gas Engineers

Plumbers and gas engineers are often lumped together, but while there is some crossover there are some significant differences. Heating Engineer will work only on the heating of a building. This includes the maintenance and installation of the pipework, fixtures and fittings used in the heating structure without venturing into any other aspect of work. Plumbers on the other hand can cover jobs on bathrooms, kitchens wet pipes, dry pipes, boiler maintenance and servicing as well as heating systems. Many plumbers are well trained on heating systems and install them on a regular basis, so if you want a broader role with the chance to earn more money then plumbing could be the trade to pick. You have to get gas safe registered.


Electricians are usually the highest paid trade. As well as being a practical job, there is a lot of academic work that goes into becoming qualified, it can take longer than other trades and it’s more strict due to the health and safety considerations. But if you’re prepared to study hard you could be earning a significant wage each year, even small residential jobs can be charged at a high rate. As an electrician you will be installing, testing and maintaining electrical wiring, equipment, appliances and fixtures lots of different settings.


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