Top Suit Colours- What You Need To Know When Shopping for Suits


Men’s suits are expensive so no one wants to be forking out for a new one for every special event and wedding that crops up. Therefore it is really important to determine what type of suit best suits you and more specifically which suit colours are the most useful and versatile compared to others. Therefore today we are going to break down the different colours of the most popular suits in order to establish which are the most versatile and most flexible when it comes to really getting your money’s worth out of them.

Navy Blue

Navy blue has held its ground well as the most popular colour for the classic suit. Navy blue just tops the charts over charcoal grey and all good tailor companies will be able to fit out and provide great fitting, good looking and versatile navy suits. Navy suits are perfect for those who like to blend in whilst looking sharp and smart. Navy suits are also really easy to customise and rev up so they are a good option for being able to play with.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey, sitting just underneath navy blue, as the most popular colour, is just about as versatile as navy. Charcoal grey can add an instant air of sophistication so is a really good option for younger men who would like to appear to be a little older than they actually are. It is easy to match with other colours, and works really well with brighter colours, which allows you to be more adventurous.

Medium Grey

We all know that there are a lot of different shade of grey, but the next most popular when it comes to looking for the smartest and sharpest suits is called the medium or ‘Cambridge’ grey. This is lighter than charcoal grey, but is just as versatile. It is less formal however and can be dressed down much more easily that the other two stated above.

Light Grey

Light grey works really well for events and weddings in the warmer months. The lighter shade of grey is a little more relaxed and casual and is a great addition to any suit wardrobe. As lighter grey suits are not such a typical suit colour to see they are good at breaking up the monotony of navy and dark greys that you will see the most of at any formal event. Light grey are also really easy to match with patterns textiles, such as checks or spots and the patterns are more visible against a lighter background.


We can’t talk about the most prominent colour of men suits without looking at black. Black is only in 5th position because it is not as versatile as the above colours and the colour doesn’t work well with all skin tones. So buying a black suit should be approached with caution. Black suits work well for men with darker complexions and dark hair but with lighter complexions and lighter hair colours they don’t work quite as well. Also black suits are more limited in their versatility as matching with other colours are more likely to get lost against such a dark backdrop.

We hope this breakdown of the top suit colours will help you when you are looking to invest in your next suit and are looking to build up your wardrobe of must-have suits.


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