Tired Of Office Work? Start One Of These Mobile Businesses Instead

It goes without saying that the constant monotonous nature of office work can be very tiresome. Hell, even if you run your own business, it’s still very annoying to be stuck inside every day doing similar things all the time.

Which is why so many people are moving to this idea of mobile business. No, we’re not talking about businesses designed for mobile devices. Instead, it’s the concept of a company that makes you very mobile. Basically, your work takes you from place to place, and you’re never in an office. If this sounds like the ideal life for you, then here are some mobile business ideas to get you started:

Car Washing Service

Perhaps not the most glamorous of business ideas, but a real money maker. Everyone likes having clean cars, not everyone likes cleaning their cars. This is where you come in, as you turn up at people’s homes and clean their car for them right there. It’s convenient for the consumer – which is always good – and you can build packages for people such as a general clean, clean and wax, etc. All in all, a great idea if you quite like cleaning cars and want to make a decent wage.

Gardening Service

Following on from this idea of people wanting something but being too lazy to do it, we have a gardening business. Here, you go to client’s premises and do various gardening tasks for money. Not a difficult concept to understand, but one that rakes in a mini fortune. What’s more, if you shop for service trucks, you can find a vehicle that’s perfect for this business. Service trucks have room in the loading bay for all kinds of gardening equipment that you can take from job to job.


These days, children and adults are all in need of some extra tutoring. Kids that sit their important exams will always look for tutors to help them understand different subjects. Likewise, an adult may want a tutor to help teach them something as they don’t have enough money to go to university, or are studying a course and want additional help. Either way, this is a mobile business that’s great if you have a particular subject that you’re really good at. Any of you out there that have a degree in something should seriously consider this mobile business!

London Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer

Are you a real fitness freak? Do you want to become a fitness freak? For just a little bit of money, you can go on a course that gives you the qualifications you need to become a certified personal trainer. This now means you can run one of the most profitable mobile businesses in

the world. Personal trainers make loads of money, and this is a perfect idea for people that love exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Tired of routine office work every day? Try out one of these mobile business ideas instead! They all bring in a fair bit of dollar, but the best thing is your work will take you away from boring spreadsheets and word processing.



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