Tim & Barry take The Just Jam Van on the road…

The Just Jam Van is a creative partnership pairing creative duo Tim and Barry with The Jameson Works, celebrating the stories behind modern musical craft and underground British music culture. Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to the launch hosted at London’s Ministry of Sound, where the likes of Oneman, Nightwave and Benton hopped in the van and on the decks to spin some tunes for the crowd.

The Jameson Works admires people who care about their craft in the same way that Jameson cares about making great whiskey and celebrating those who’re passionate about telling the stories and spreading the knowledge of how great work is made. So in Tim & Barry they found the perfect foil. The pair have been documenting underground urban music since Grime’s early days and continue to have unique access to the scenes pioneer and rising stars.

Taking inspiration from the early 90s, when the UK’s rave scene was in it’s infancy and devotees would travel the country every weekend in search of the new hotspot, the East London pair wanted to take to the road. They’ve created a studio ready to tour the UK and host some of the best music producers and DJs for exclusive Beat This/ Just Jam sessions. All showcasing the craft of production that goes into tracks and sets that we love.

The Just Jam Van tour is set to commence on Wednesday 4th in London before it sets off around the country visiting cities including Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow playing hosts to the likes of Levelz, Inkke & Swifta Beater.

Head to The Jameson Works site to find out more, or join the conversation on Twitter.


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