Thinking Of Becoming A Freelancer? Read This

Becoming a freelancer is probably something most entrepreneurial types think about these days, and even those that don’t have all that much of an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s so easy to start freelancing, that just about everybody has read about it or researched it at some point. If you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer, read on for some advice and info that will help you to decide what to do:

How You’ll Start Offering Your Services

If you want to become a freelancer, the first thing you need to think about is how you’ll start offering your services. There are a ton of platforms you can use online to apply for jobs both big and small, but you’ll likely have to start off with smaller jobs so you can build a great feedback profile. Then there are platforms where providing you pass the criteria, you can accept work as long as you’re the first to click accept, like Copify for freelance writers. For some, this is motivating, for others, it’s scary.

It could be a good idea to build a website to begin offering your services directly too, but you may need to undergo things like seo training to ensure it makes an impact. Building a website alone isn’t enough in the online world today!

Paying Taxes

As a freelancer you will still need to pay taxes. Tax dodging could get you in a lot of trouble, and you may end up getting fined so much money that you end up in debt. You need to make sure you’re putting money aside for taxes and any other charges you may come up against. Getting an accountant could be a good idea, even if you simply hire them temporarily to do your books for you, ensuring that there are no mistakes.

Managing Your Cash

You’ll need to make sure you’re managing your cash properly the rest of the time too, so it isn’t a good idea to go spending all of your money before you know where your next job is coming from. If you’ve never been the kind of person who handles their money well, then you’ll need to work on this before you start to work freelance.

Taking Time Off

How will you cope when you take time off? Whether you’re going on vacation or you have an illness, you’ll need to prepare for this, ensuring that you can cope if anything happens.

Getting Insurance

Insurance can help you to cope if you fall ill with something serious, so take a look at policies and see what works for you. Failure to get insurance could mean losing more money than you can afford to lose.

Being Firm With Clients

You need to be firm with clients, as getting them to pay up can be difficult at times. You should be a people person, but not a pushover. You have to get paid!

Staying Organized

Finally, can you stay organized? Your organizational skills will need to be through the roof, as you have total control over your entire day as a freelancer.


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