The Pitfalls Of Copying Other Success Stories

At one time every single large business you see was small and clawing upward. Be wary of becoming mesmerized by the level of success it takes to increase in size. You may end up chasing your own thoughts in circles if you focus on replicating other companies. Just like human beings, every single business is incredibly complex. There may have been similar routes that most companies take, but they all execute them differently. So don’t become embroiled in a battle to copy and paste bits and pieces of other enterprises into your business. What may work for one business may not, and in fact, there’s a high chance of this, work for another. However human beings are creatures of comfort. It’s easy to see why so many young entrepreneurs and small business owners look up to successful leaders in their industry. You want to believe that you have whatever it takes to become successful the same as your idols did. But there are pitfalls of copying what others have done, regardless of their triumphs.

Offering a sub-par version

It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of-of believing what works for another business can work for you. This is actually detrimental to your ethos of design and function when it comes to your products and services. The large corporations have built their consumer base and their cultural significance because of the quality of what they offer. Trying to make a sub-par version of their products and services is more than just a marketing disaster. What you’re communicating unconsciously is that you aren’t as good as they are. Albeit you may offer them lower prices but staving off of the back of a large corporation immediately makes you the ‘poor man’s’ option. Instead, try to take a different approach to your creations actively. Maybe single out one aspect that you know your competition is lacking in, and work to surpass them in what you offer overtly.

Avoid being ‘the saviour’

Let’s be honest, and we’re all influenced by popular culture somehow; whether this is through Hollywood movies like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, or how the media portrayed some leaders like Steve Jobs as saviours. Deification of leaders in business always gives off the wrong impression of what it takes actually to be respected by your employees. People like Jozef Opdeweegh will tell you that putting your employees first is about more than just galvanising them with hopes and dreams. He has said that “When you flip that pyramid upside down, it starts to seed a different culture”. This alludes to actually fulfilling what the aims of your employees are while keeping to your overall aims. Really listen to them, take onboard their suggestions, and encourage people to think outside the box. Don’t be so dismissive of their ideas and instead encourage and healthy competitive environment among your staff.

It’s very tempting to look at those who have made it, and copy parts of their success story. But this consigns you to forever living in their shadow. Becoming a good leader involves finding ways to get the best out of your employees.


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