The Low Down On Modern Customer Service

Customer service has changed somewhat in recent years. Now, there’s a much bigger focus on offering excellent customer service, as businesses are aware of how powerful word of mouth can be. If you’re providing customers with a positive service, they’re going to tell friends and family about you – plus, they’re far more likely to come back. This type of marketing is called ‘word of mouth’ and the great thing about it is that you can’t buy it. You just have to do your best and then allow it to happen!

However, disgruntled customers are statistically more likely to tell even more people about the poor service they received. It isn’t like in the past, when people could only tell people that were close to them, that they saw often, until they forgot about the experience. Now, people have blogs and social media, which makes it even easier for the negativity to spread far and wide.

This means that providing a modern version of excellent customer service is a must. Let’s talk about it below!

Going Above And Beyond For Your Customers

The first thing you need to do as a business is commit to going above and beyond for your customers. That means doing more than they could have imagined in any way you can. How can you create not only returning customers, but real fans of your brand? You could include sweet treats with orders, create amazing artwork for the packaging, and ensure that they have absolutely everything they need.

The fact that you need to bear in mind is that unhappy customers won’t necessarily come back to you and tell you they are unhappy. They will simply make a mental note not to come back to you. This is why implementing anonymous feedback forms and actually asking for opinions on how you can improve will take you far.

Showing That Your Customers Matter To You

Creating returning customers is all about showing them that they matter to you. Customers don’t just come to you for the product or service you offer, you know, they come for the overall experience. Even if your product is better than the next company, if they offer better incentives and service, they’re going to go there instead because it makes them feel better. How will you show your customers that they matter to you?

You could give away free stuff, like trolley coins, mouse mats, pens, mugs, and anything else you can think of that may be used regularly. You can also make sure you respond to queries as quickly as possible, offer free and fast delivery, and more. Think outside of the box. What can you learn from poor experiences you’ve had in the past, and good experiences you’ve had in the past?

Giving Your Customers Incentives To Come Back

Give your customers incentives to come back to you alongside a great service. For example, loyalty cards, points, and rewards for being a regular customer.

Focus on the user experience in everything you do, and you’ll have modern customer experience down to a T!


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