The Key to Happy Employees: Wellbeing

Your employees are the reason that your business thrives. They take good care of it every day and they always do their best. You might think that paying them is enough to show your appreciation, but on a human level, your employees probably expect a little more than that. You pay them to be there as a worker, but if you really want to bring the team together, you need to realise that they are people too – and people who are choosing to work for you every day.

If you are looking to improve your staff’s wellbeing and ensure that your team feels happy and healthy, you will be relieved to find that this is actually a lot easier than it might seem. It probably won’t cost your business anything substantial and it doesn’t mean shelling out for novelties like a bamboo laptop stand or a cappuccino machine.


In our hectic world, workers are increasingly risking their health because they believe that they need to work hard even when they are sick. Part of this is the nature of the office. When one person comes in with sickness and a fever and gets praised, this puts pressure on the rest of your staff to do the same.

The answer to employee health is really simple: offer paid sick days. Taking time off to recover is really important for your employee’s health and if they aren’t worried about losing pay, they will be more inclined to recover fully before they return to work. Plus, if staff aren’t bringing their illnesses to work, everyone will be at less risk of catching the illness themselves.


Fostering open relationships with each of your employees is a good way to encourage them to bring their problems – whatever they are – to you without worrying about being judged. Employee financial wellbeing is important to you because if they feel they can’t cover their costs, they will need to move on adding to their stress and unhappiness at work.

One of the main reasons that most people work is that they need to earn money. However, money is also a significant cause of stress and the more you worry about money, the more stressed you get. This cycle of financial stress is difficult to deal with and though there are websites like Mind who offer some advice about coping with the mental health side of things, you should also be able to offer your employees some more practical advice. There are lots of companies around who can offer training on things like basic money management who will be able to help.


Of course, the main thing you should be offering your employees is support. They need to feel confident that you have their best interests in mind and you are willing to give them the opportunities they need to progress in their career path, whatever that is. Things like work shadowing in different departments, peer-to-peer training sessions and regular reviews are all free ways you can boost their potential and ensure career-long learning.



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