The Jameson Works x Wild Beasts

It’s not often that art, music and Irish whiskey join forces, but last week Jameson Works announced their project with Wild Beast (or Tom, Ben, Hayden and Chris to their friends), where by they will be making a GIF-novel with Parisian illustrator and animator Mattis Dovier for some as yet unreleased Wild Beast tracks, “Soft Future’ and ‘Blood Knowledge’.


Wild Beasts chose to work with Mattis after being inspired by his pixilated illustrations and GIFS, which explore themes in keeping with their songs’ content, with storytelling at the heart of what they want to achieve. As Jameson’s aim to champion the creative process with the simple thought “It’s not just about what you make but how you make it.” The Jameson Works will be a place to share work, to offer and seek advice: a  true collaborative environment. As such they are inviting photographers, musicians, designers or  even joiners, the opportunity to get funding to support their work, through The Jameson Works Bursaries.

If you want to follow their progress then head over to where all the stories from behind the scenes will be shared or on twitter @Jameson_UK #thejamesonworks #howyoumakeit



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