The Hidden Techniques Of Keeping Your Dress Shirt Tight

You made the effort to get up early, have a shave and get dressed to go to work. You might be involved in an important deal or some kind of meeting where you need to look your absolute best. For some reason, you notice that after going through the day and performing normal actions of sitting, walking and using your pockets, your clothes are becoming untidy. Your shirt refuses to stay neatly tucked into your trousers and somehow, always find a way to spill out. This increases the creases on your clothing because you’re constantly trying to rectify the problem. This transpires over time, and you simply begin to wear longer length shirts to avoid the issue. You shouldn’t have to go through this every time you’re sharply dressed. There are a few things that have been specifically designed for the sharp dressed man to remain so, all throughout the day.

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Dress shirt stays

Even if you have a tight belt and you tuck your shirt in all the way, if it’s still in a loose and vertical position underneath your trousers, it will still ruffle and become untamed. Many men in the military use a unique folding technique, that squares the shirts, folds it in on itself, and then tucks it back. This tuck is performed near the hips as the bones will push out the fabric closer to the opposite sides, creating a natural tension across the fabric. However, you can simplify the issue, by getting some dress shirt stays. What you do is pin these stay to your socks, after pulling them up all the way. One end will be latched onto the tails of your shirt, and as such, the shirt is being pulled down. This allows you to move freely without worry if your shirt is going to get untucked if you run for the elevator or want to adjust your clothes in any way.

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Wrist wrinkles

As per the traditional ideal of how you should look in your suit, your cuffs should be slightly protruding out from your suit jacket cuff. The white of your shirt, balances and contrasts the jacket, by being a little longer and covering more of your wrist. However, shirts that are not tailor made will become loose and bunched up in the arm. Even if your shirt is longer, if the cuff and fabric are bunched up, it’s like a traffic jam up your sleeve, which can either elongate the shirt too far out of the jacket or it can trap the arm entirely. If you can get sleeve garters from Trendhim, you can wear these up your arm, to essentially catch and release how much shirt you want to stick out at the wrist of the jacket. The modest amount of tightness at the bicep and triceps area, or possibly at the elbow, will give you the complete control you need, to style your look how you want.
It’s always a pain to keep having to tuck in your shirt numerous times throughout the day. The more you do, the more wrinkles appear and the entire, look of a sharp dressed man is slowly lost. The same happens with an over extended sleeve that keeps getting trapped or over-protrudes out of your jacket. Both such items will give you the control to make sure you stay sharp and neat, no matter what kind of physical movement you do in your suit.



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