The Formal Look In Casual Situations

Do you ever see someone walking around, suited and booted, and think about how smart they look. Think about the likes of Conor McGregor. He prides himself on his appearance, and his liking towards suits has grown and grown. But walking around strutting his stuff in his suit, he does look powerful. However, you can’t exactly rock up to the shops in a suit, or go to pub for a pint in a blazer. So, how do you think you’re going to be able to master the formal look, in casual situations. It’s not all about the suits and the shirts, but you can definitely throw a little bit of that in there. So, if you want to change your look to something a little more sophisticated, we think this article is going to help. Have a read on to find out more.

It’s About Your Appearance As A Whole

Let’s circle back to Conor Mcgregor for a minute. Yes, he swans around in suits that we could only wish of being able to afford. But it’s his look as a whole that people are interested in. It’s his swagger, his accessories, his ever changing hairstyles that always look dapper. If you really do want to look formal all of the time you’re going to have to take pride in your appearance no matter what. Even if it means going to the barbers once a week to keep your hair maintained, or even if it means going to the barbers to get your beard maintained once a week, we know you’ll feel better for it. Just pick the style you want of the ones we have mentioned, and roll with it for a few weeks. It might be worth getting it switched up every month or so, even if it’s just slightly. Always remember to accessorise your outfits as well, and if you find you’re struggling to afford new clothes, stop going for big brands! It’s all about what you wear, not who you’re wearing.

But The Fashion Plays A Big Part

Fashion definitely does play a big part of the formal look. But if you’re going for a formal look in a casual situations, then you really can’t afford to go too formal. So, obviously, a shirt or a polo shirt is going to do just fine. You don’t want to go all out football hooligan though, so check out the John Henric’s UK collection, brands like that do sophisticated shirts, but you can mix it with something less casual, such as a bomber jacket, trainers, and whatever type of jean trouser that you might want. If you’re going for a polo shirt, you’re going to have to make it a really smart one, like a long sleeved Ralph Lauren one.

Is The Occasion Too Casual?

You don’t want to be rocking up to your girlfriend’s house in a shirt and trousers, that’s too casual. You don’t want to dress up for the wrong situations. So, always make sure you’re dressing for the occasion, and never go too casual for a situation that needs you to be more formal!


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