The Fashion Conscious’ Guys Guide To A Wearable Wardrob


Clothes maketh the man!

Clothes maketh the man, right? That means your outfits better be on fleek. Especially if you are going to Instagram them later. However, managing a wardrobe that is wearable, practical, and fly isn’t always that easy. Luckily, there are some clever tips below that can help make sure that you always look your best. Read on to find out more.


For a low effort, high return way of dressing a capsule wardrobe is a great idea. The concept behind this is to pick out certain styles of separates that you know both suit you and look great together and populate your wardrobe with them. The idea being that even on you most hurried mornings you can grab a top, bottoms, and a jacket and still look like you have walked off the cover of GQ.

Yes, it does take a bit of effort and research in establishing what looks best on you and then going out and finding things that fit that criteria for each season. However, if you consider all the time and stress you save getting dressed in the morning, it can be well worth the exertion.

Know your tones

If you think tones are only to do with music, then it’s time to get schooled. Tones are actually related to shades and colours, and you have to know which one suit you to get anywhere near creating a warble wardrobe.

This is because if you are buying clothes because you like the colour of them or that the shade is in this season, you could be getting it seriously wrong. Why? Well, it’s because certain skin tones suits certain colours and if you have a neutral skin tone and are wearing lime green and neon yellow you aren’t going to look your best no matter how much style and swagger you have! Check out these guides to help you get this part of your wardrobe right.


A wardrobe is a practical thing that should serve you. That means to get the most out of it, it needs to be organised. Experts in this field have all sorts of elaborate systems to help with this based on colour, tone, style and season, but for beginners, it can be best to stick to tops, jackets, trousers to start with.

It can also be incredibly helpful to use a mannequin,

plus size mannequin, or wooden rack as a clothes valet to enable you to get your outfit sorted for the next day while still keeping it crisp and unrumpled. They also look pretty cool too, so that an added bonus for the fashion conscious!

Repair and clean

The condition of your clothes is also vital if you want a wardrobe that makes you look smart at all times.

That means taking the time to get certain item dry cleaned, or washed and ironed properly. Shoes also need to be cleaned and polished on a regular basis. This will not only ensure that they look their best, but will also help them last longer and provide better value for money adding to the overall success of your wardrobe.



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