The Brick And Mortar Wow Factors

Digital businesses have mastered the art of the wow factor to a perfect conversion and engagement catalyst. On the one hand, a video starts playing as soon as you reach the homepage and grabs you directly at the heart of its content. Some online retailers have even crossed the bridge between the online and offline world and added an augmented reality function to help their users to visualize the product of their interest. IKEA, for instance, helps homeowners and tenants to find the right piece of furniture for their needs by using the augmented reality to virtually trial the look of their items at home. Would a square shelving unit fit in the living room? Of course, you could measure the unit, but using an application on your smartphone to add this very piece of furniture in your home decor both answers the question and brings the wow factor. Virtual reality sets are the next step of excitement for the users. In short, the digital world has a lot of options to impress and excite. So many, in fact, that it seems brick and mortar businesses might be struggling to wow their visitors. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wow means digital. There are still plenty of brilliant ideas to impress your customers, leads, partners and employees IRL.

Welcome your clients like nowhere else

In the business world, there are only two main reasons why clients would come to your office. Either they are here to discuss and sign a new contract, or they need to clarify things as a result of an issue or a misunderstanding. In other words, when clients come to visit, the last thing you want to happen is to make a bad impression. Needless to say, the meeting room should be prepared to receive your clients, and you should also make sure that the bathroom is stocked with soap, toilet paper and hand drying towels. But, more important, you need to turn your attention to the reception area, as it is the first thing that people see. You want clients to feel welcome from the moment their enter your office, and that’s precisely why the decor in the reception matters. It creates the stage for the rest of the day. Clients are not going to feel confident dealing with a company that doesn’t have a high standard in welcoming visitors. First of all, you want a comfortable waiting area, preferably with a sofa as it makes a better impression than plastic chairs. You should also consider the addition of a coffee machine so that people can have a drink as they wait.

Put showmanship back in trade shows

You’d be surprised to know that, while most businesses choose to go to trade shows, they don’t always prepare the show element of these networking events. In fact, a lot of companies consider that booking a booth space is enough to make it work. In reality, transforming a trade show into a success requires a lot of preparation. You need to decide on your goals so that you can define the best trade show strategy. Your team at the event needs to be trained to pitch the company to potential clients and investors as well as networking with industry leaders. Additionally, your booth will be up against hundreds of others, consequently, without proper signage and trade show decors, you won’t be able to attract the attention of visitors. For branded marquees, for instance, you want to visit to discuss your needs in size and design. It is also a good idea to bring an exciting freebie for visitors, such as free pastries and a warm drink. In trade shows, companies that offer food receive more visitors than those who have only business cards and a free pen to give!

Are there wow factors for employees?

You might not have heard about it, but workplace loneliness is a real thing. In fact, more and more adults struggle to adjust to an office environment that doesn’t promote team engagement, exchange and collaboration. Isolated cubicles, or even the lack of a lean hierarchy, make it difficult for employees to bond and work together effectively. In fact, more and more employees name loneliness or lack of team spirit as a reason to quit. But what they are saying, in reality, it’s not that they didn’t fit in the team. It’s that the workplace didn’t support the employees. Others quit a job they call dull for a similar job in another business, leaving employers to wonder what went wrong. Have you considered that the office decor might be dull? So, it’s essential that companies review their interior decoration with the same care they choose employees’ perks. When someone works 8 hours a day in a bland or isolation-prone environment, it affects their productivity and motivation.

Bright office environments attract talents

But how do you change your boring workplace into a bright and exciting work environment? That’s precisely this question Bright HR address on For instance; the company added two large pieces of artwork to cover the blank walls in the office. These pieces reflect the vision and the energy of the brand in its local community, which acts as a motivation for the team. Artwork can give your team the creativity and energy they need during the day. But that’s not all. Office design trends have emphasized the importance of creating open space for your employees to share ideas and experiences freely. Additionally, the addition of a room where people can unwind and relax can transform the attitude towards the workplace. It’s not only a place of stress, but it becomes an area of challenges and successes.

What about shops?

For shops, the iconic brick and mortar business, your choice of interior design can significantly improve your sales figures. Painting an accent wall, for instance, can create a focal point of interest and attract visitors into your shop. For small shops, you can maximize the space by adding shelving from the floor to the ceiling, which creates an immediate sensation of space and choices.

Whether you’re at the office, in a shop or even at a trade shop, using your decor effectively can create the wow factor you need to attract new visitors and boost your performance. In the end, your decor serves only to showcase your company, so use it well!



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