The Breaking Bad Rehab Scholarship

It’s a show that’s rocked a generation, sure. The latest episode of Breaking Bad to air, ‘Ozymandias’, has bowled over even the snootiest of television reviewers. It’s good viewing, nobody is denying that.


But it’s inspired some pretty weird behaviour from the general public. Taking lessons from the Beliebers of this world, fans of the show have rocked up to actor Aaron Paul’s doorstep, convinced that he would want to become friends. The only thing more odd than the notion that turning up at a star’s house unannounced is a totally normal thing to do, is the fact that he did actually come out for a chat.

Equally incredible, when cable television in Connecticut cut out during an airing of the show, people called 911 instead of their cable provider. Because it was clearly an emergency of life or death proportions.

In addition, much like the Royal baby spawned an array of loosely-connected and wholly unfunny merchandise and advertisements, so Breaking Bad has become a buzzword for a range of campaigns; some wildly inappropriate.

In a bold, weird, but not un-funny move, a rehab centre in Albuquerque, New Mexico is now offering two Breaking Bad scholarships.

It’s not completely out of the realms of reason to expect that a few crazy fans might pick up a meth addiction in order to feel closer to the show’s characters…

The terms for applying for their scholarship are a bit hilarious:

“Scholarships will be awarded to the most eligible candidates” – presumably, the people who have the worst addictions…you know, the ones who are really shitting-in-their-pants, clawing at their own faces, on death’s door…

“All applicants must submit a personal story relating to addiction” – so they must be both in the crucifying throws of extreme addiction, but also engagingly, wittily literate.

“Winners…will be contacted” – winning at meth addiction, huzzah! Well there’s something to put on the CV.

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer


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