The 3 Most Dangerous Jobs In The Construction Industry

Construction is a dangerous industry with so many opportunities for injury. Keeping up with health and safety is vital if you want to avoid losing good employees and possibly ending up involved in a lengthy and expensive court case. There are certain roles within the construction industry which are particularly dangerous and it’s those employees you need to keep an eye on. These are the biggest dangers in the industry and some advice on how to avoid injuries.

Heavy Equipment Operators

When you’ve got the power of an excavator behind you, it’s easy to do a lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing or if that machine breaks down for any reason. Making sure that anybody operating that machinery is fully trained and has the certification to prove it is the very least you should be doing. Beyond that, you need to maintain equipment properly. Make sure you’re changing bearings and seals for large earthmoving equipment on a regular basis because a lot of dirt and grit gets in there and it can quickly wear down moving parts, causing them to break. You also need to keep everything as clean as possible and apply lubricant to any moving parts on a regular basis. Even if your employees are trained, you should update that training regularly, especially if they’re using a new machine that they haven’t got much experience with.

Demolition Jobs

Sometimes, you need to clear out old buildings to construct something new in their place, and that brings a lot of dangers along with it. When you’re taking down a building, there’s no way of telling exactly where debris will fall. You’ll have a rough idea based on how the building is constructed but it’s not an exact science. If you’re in the path of that falling debris, it can be fatal. The only way to stay safe is to attempt to predict where debris is going to land as far as you can and make sure that everybody is at a safe distance before any demolition is carried out.

Power Tools

Power tools don’t seem anywhere near as dangerous as large machines but they can be if you aren’t using them right. The problem is, workers on the site are using these tools day in, day out and they get complacent. When they’ve been doing this for a while, they might start ignoring all of the health and safety advice and get into bad habits. That’s when injuries are going to occur. Make sure that employees are always following health and safety procedure, no matter how experienced they are with the tools they’re using. Tools that aren’t safety checked are a big risk as well. If they’re old, there’s a chance of electrocution or malfunctions that could cause injury. You should be getting equipment safety checked every six months or so and replacing older tools before they become a danger.

There is always going to be a level of risk involved with these jobs on a construction site but if you follow safety procedures to the letter and maintain equipment properly, you can reduce the number of injuries.


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