Tech Trends Your Start-up Can’t Afford to Miss

Now starting a business is so much easier than it’s been in the past, many of us throw ourselves in without much more than a vague business plan, an idea, plenty of enthusiasm and perhaps a little cash to get going. We then spend time learning on the job. Learning more about our own business and industry, as well as business in general. We get stuck in and have a go at things like marketing and accounting, in an attempt to save money by not having to hire in-house teams or outsource work. We also discover things that can make our life easier.

Technology can be a big part of this already steep learning curve. You’ve probably seen graphs charting the rise in technological advancement over time. From the invention of the wheel to the TV, the line on the graph climbs very gradually over time. Then, suddenly it picks up speed. From the first iPod, to where we are now, the growth is astronomical, and it’s only going to continue in the same way. New technology, apps, and tools are invented every day. Many of these can help your business. Here’s a look at some of the tech trends that you can’t afford to miss.



Identity Verification Software

ID verification software from Jumio can improve both the speed and security of your company. Being able to identify your customers and clients easily and securely can cut down on fraud and security issues. It can also streamline systems and cut down on errors by reducing the need for form filling in and replacing it with the ability to scan ID like driving licenses and passports. You could even find that this tool helps you to build better relationships with your customers, by giving them an easier experience.

The most significant advantage however if cutting your risk of cybercrime. Cyberterrorism and crime is a massive risk today, with even massive global companies and governments being hit. Identity verification is an easy way to make your business more secure.


Sales Tech and Data Collection

If your company is sales based, installing a sales tech system could be a huge help. It could streamline operations, by automating your stock counts and levels, giving you real-time updates throughout the day. If you sell both online and in a real store, this can be especially handy as the levels of the two will be linked. This can make your teams job easier and give them more time to spend with customers.

But, it will also give you the ability to monitor individuals’ sales, spot blind spots where you could be selling more and build better sales plans for the future.


An App

Mobile websites are essential. If your store or business doesn’t have an easy to use site, that’s responsive on a smaller screen, people will click away, and you’ll lose business. But, apps are becoming equally important. Nowadays we almost expect all of our favourite shops and companies to have an app. We expect them to be able to offer us something extra. Without an app, you’ll look dated before you’ve even started out.


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