Tech Showdown: Apple Iphone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy 8, Who Will Be Victorious?

With two such heavy weight contenders in the ring, it’s squaring up to be quite a fight. But which one will you go for: the Apple iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy 8? Read on for the low-down on the show down.


Usability and reliability  



First, let take a look at usability, as this one is a pretty close call. The Galaxy has hidden all of the buttons and now just relies on touch screen tech, making it sleek and efficient. Although the iPhone works well too, with an integrated search spotlight feature and that oh so convenient Apple Pay.


However, in term of reliability, it has been known for both models to break down on occasion, and that is without adding in the possibility of damage from dropping the darn things! Of course, if you have insurance you can claim on this to get them repaired. Otherwise, you will be looking for a reliable and good value repair option like this Mobile Computer Repair company. As you can send them your phone and they will repair it, and get it back to you as quick as possible.




Ah, earphones, the battle royal of mobile technology. It’s here that each model will truly sink or stand. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has wired earphones as standard. Ones that are tuned by AKG and that have a remote built into the wire. This is a good thing if you like traditionally wired earphones, but it’s a bad thing if you want the latest technology in listening accessories. As in this case, the iPhone 7 wins out with its Air Pods.


Air Pods come as standard on the iPhone 7, meaning that there is no wired jack port at all. So the choice is Air Pods or nothing! However, as they are such a clever little piece of kit that can recognize when you are listening when you are talking and when they are in your ear or out, it’s probably not such a big deal. You can use them for listening to music and podcasts, as well as talking on your phone and accessing Siri. You can even ask Siri to check on the battery life of you Air pods which are around 5 hours without the charging case but zips up to a massive 24 with it.





The final bout between these two phone giants is looks. Usually, I would say that the Apples have it in the looks department. They are sleek and classic in design, and you always know that they are going to be recognizably on trend. However, the Galaxy S8 really does give the iPhone 7 a run for its money. It’s the infinity display that does it. It just gives it an up to date, almost sci fi look, as well as improves the visibility of what is actually displayed on screen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 isn’t bad looks wise, quite the contrary, it all curves and matt finishes, something that does give it that look of being expensive, yet understated. It also includes water resistance this time around, so it scores high in the practical well as visual stakes.


Overall if you are going for looks, then the Galaxy S8 is the victor, but if its media access and music that’s most important the iPhone 7 is a K.O.

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