Tech-No: Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Want To Avoid

For entrepreneurs, technology is life. It reduces costs, increases output, and allows you to mix it with the big boys. To most self-made people, there is nothing as effective or loyal than a piece of tech. Wait, hang on a minute – the technology has made a boo-boo! Now you look like a real amateur and are the laughing stock of your peers. If this sounds like an all too similar scenario, it is time to prevent technology showing you up in front of your clients and peers. With that in mind, below are the common mistakes and how to avoid them.


The Email Cock Up


Picture the scene. You have just sent out an email in bulk and remembered that you have forgotten to add an attachment. Schoolboy error! Or, you mistakenly send a piece of electronic mail with a bad subject line or to the wrong person. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it doesn’t look professional. In fact, the receivers will judge you if the email is not perfect in every way. Thankfully, Gmail has a feature which will give you a second chance. By enabling the ‘undo send’ option, it is possible to delete an email after the fact. Phew!


The Social Media Conundrum


Every businessman or woman wants to connect with their customer base. Not only is it a great way to make the brand more accessible, but it helps you better understand your base. Sadly, Twitter-finger is a common condition which lots of people suffer from on a daily basis. So, while you are trying to connect with your base, you might say something you regret. Or, you might look stupid by including a typo or grammatical error. Donald Trump, anyone? The key is to spell check any tweets or posts before they go live, and then double check. Most importantly, don’t drink and drive on social media.


The Business Meeting Faux Pas


How many meetings have been subject to faulty technology? It is difficult to say, but the number has to be in the tens of thousands. Defective projectors and non-interactive whiteboards are the scourge of entrepreneurs, including you. Thankfully, the solutions are simple and easy. To start with, make sure any mobile device is fully functioning and charged. If it isn’t, an iPad repair service is in order. Then, go through the presentation the morning of the meeting as a dry run. Finally, printouts are always a handy backup in case technology fails you once again.


The All Systems Are Down


‘What do you mean the server is down?!’ A common response all businessmen and women make because down time means less money. And, less cash means you are not going to have a good time. It’s a vicious circle. Luckily, there is a way out of the spherical madness and it’s called an IT team. At the least, you should have a guy or girl on standby who can fix the problem. Whether it is a professional or your buddy, you need them to get their butt into gear as soon as possible.


Don’t let tech be your friend and enemy at the same time. With these tips, it can just be your best friend.

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