• Club Owner: Welcome to the Superstore

    Club owner and respected DJ Dan Beaumont talks musical purity, New York pizza and dancing in tunnels… British bar culture: it’s an odd thing. Bars are wonderful places, in theory. They welcome us in when no one else will have […]

  • Painter: The Art of Explosive

    His explosive portraits are so unique that he’s had commissions from some of the biggest names in the world, including Bruce Lee Enterprises, Star Trek, Ali and Thunderbirds. Partnering with several international motorsports teams and capturing the likes of Sir […]

  • Engineer: A James Bond Life

    We all know Planes, Trains and Automobiles to be a tacky, slapstick Steve Martin comedy. But that phrase takes on an entirely different, much less Mr Bean meaning when you look at the life of young engineer Jamie Lansdell. He’s […]

  • Film Producer: The Boundaries of Taste

    Italian-Canadian Joseph Tito is no stranger to controversy. As a young, but markedly successful film producer, his seminal works have all involved boundary-pushing, in some form or another. He produced and directed the 2011 feature film, Death of the Virgin, […]

  • Entrepreneur: Conscious Fashion

    Joe Williams talks rioting, slogans and giving back to the community He might masquerade as a media buyer, but don’t be fooled by his Clarke Kent desk job. Joe Williams is a man on a mission – to bring politics […]

  • Entrepreneur: Designed and Redefined

      Michael Lenz survives angry alcoholics and sleepy suburbs to bring us his latest designs   Some people go into banking. Others head for Shoreditch and end up with a hapless booze-hound smashing bottles of whisky at their feet. No […]