Taking Your Music Career To The Next Level

Up and coming artists will spend a long time researching their trade online and attempting to gain some insider knowledge or advice. However, the key to success usually lies in the quality of your music and the size of your audience. So, you should focus on making sure the tracks you release are of the best quality possible before you do anything else. When you have an EP that you believe will appeal to a broad enough audience; you might like to follow the procedure outlined below. Of course, you should feel free to swap and change ideas from this page because every artist is different, and you need to stay true to yourself.


Finding a manager

The first thing you need to do is find someone with some business sense who also believes in the music you create according to the experts from Roland and other firms. A manager will then assist you with every aspect of the business side of your career. They can negotiate the best possible deals with record companies, book studio time, and ensure you never have too much strain on your shoulders. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is stunt your creative abilities. In most instances, artists should aim to achieve an 80/20 profit share with their managers. Sometimes you might have to give them a little more, but it’s worth the expense.


Booking a tour

Arranging a tour is the best way to make sure people can see your live show and enjoy your music. It doesn’t matter if you aim for support slots for established acts or you book a solo tour; the same rules will apply. Get in touch with as many venues as possible in your target area. Make contact with websites like TicketOffices and use their services to sell tickets to your fans. You can then organise some transport and head out on tour when the time comes.

Getting some PR

All artists have to work hard when it comes to getting some positive promotion for their music. There are lots of avenues you will need to consider, but some of the best options include:

  • TV and radio interviews
  • Magazine article interviews
  • Getting your music on all streaming services
  • Getting your music played on adverts
  • Getting in the news for ANYTHING (all publicity is good publicity)

You get the idea, right? The goal is to get your face and music out there as much as possible, so everyone in the world knows who you are.


Attracting a record company

Most musicians or artists just starting out will not have the backing of a record company. However, if you gain that advantage as soon as possible; you will find that your life becomes much less stressful. That is because the recording company will pay for your studio time, give you an advance payment for your tour, and more. The issue is that mainstream firms will often want to control the type of music you create. Indeed, that is why many people choose to remain independent.

You can do that if you think it is the best option on the table. You will keep more of your earnings than you otherwise would have done, but you won’t have as much cash to invest. So, you need to weigh all the pros and cons before making your decision and working towards your goal.


Getting other artists to play your songs

The single best move you can make is to convince an established artist with a massive fan base to cover one of your songs. You’ll get a songwriting credit, and so you will earn a healthy income if the track sells well. You can then use that money to invest in your music career a little more than you do at the moment. Repeat the process until you reach the place you want to be.

If you take some of the advice from this article, and then use it to design your strategy for the next twelve months, there is a reasonable chance you will achieve some pretty impressive things. Taking your music career to the next level is always going to involve lots of trial and error. So, don’t feel too disheartened if you don’t succeed the first time around. Success lies in your ability to dust yourself down, learn from your mistakes, and start again. The winners in this world don’t have any unique insight; they just refuse to take no for an answer.


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