Taking On The Business World, Just You, Yourself, And Your Computer

When we start in business, many of us dream of having a team behind us. Nothing spells success like earning enough money to pay for staff members. But, in those early days, a dream is just how this remains. The chances are that you aren’t even paying yourself at that stage, let alone affording to pay other people. Nope, in those early days, it’s just you yourself and… your computer?

That’s right; you do start out with someone helping you do the do. You may not notice if most of the time, but your computer is the most valuable employee you could ask for. They’re certainly the best bet you have during your early days, and even when you begin to expand. When you do first start hiring, your rates may not be that competitive. As such, the best contenders won’t even consider you. But, your laptop offers what they could and more, and it doesn’t ask for a single penny. Well, apart from the odd repair here and there. But, even then, it’s sure to cost you less than a salaried employee. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why your computer is the best colleague you could wish for, and how to make use of their services.

They’re with you from the start

As we’ve already mentioned, few entrepreneurs can afford a team of staff in their early days. Hence, it’s likely just you, slaving away in the office and working every hour under the sun. Well, you and your computer, of course. In an age where 7.7 million Australians have broadband at home, the chances are that your office comes equipped. And, that’s before you even started thinking about a business. So, you don’t need to splash out on this or save any money before you get going. Your computer will be there from day one. And, they can help you from day one, too. After all, you can set up social media accounts without having a fully formulated business in place. And, you can start working on your website from the off. They also allow you to keep an eye on competitors, and gain inspiration from those who have come before you. Online, you can even head to sites like unsecuredfinanceaustralia.com.au, and get yourself a business loan so that you can start expanding. All because of your trusty, loyal steed. Not even a flesh and bones colleague can promise that kind of benefit. So, think about this before you take your computer for granted!

They work all hours of the day

Every employer on the planet longs for staff members who would work all hours of the day without complaint. But, it’s not possible, and nor should it. As humans, we need sleep, rest, and rejuvenation. Hence why most laws state the need for at least 12 hours between work shifts. That way, we have at least a little downtime and plenty of opportunities to sleep. But, your computer doesn’t need the same benefits, and, as the business owner, neither do you. Obviously, you’ll need to give yourself downtime at some stage. But, if you have to pull a late night sometimes to keep your business going, then so be it. And, your computer will be right there with you. It’ll never complain about not getting long enough breaks, or needing time to sleep. Hell, it’ll work for 24 hours straight if you need it to (though you might struggle). The point is, computers are troopers. Even if you switch that baby on and get started with work at four in the morning, it’ll be ready and waiting. And, you certainly can’t say that about a team of staff.

It has mad accounting skills

It’s also worth noting that your computer is one of the smartest calculators on the market. As such, it’s got accounting skills that are difficult to match. Naturally, when operations get going, you’ll want to reach out to an accounting firm. Business finances are so crucial that it’s often best to leave it to those in the know. During the early stages, your computer will have no trouble keeping on top of this issue, as long as you know the basics. You can even enhance performance by turning to accounting programs like Xero, as can be found at https://www.xero.com/au/. This way, there’s no chance of user error messing up your monthly budget. You and your computer can work together to ensure your profits and expenses are a-okay. Even if you don’t want to splash out on a separate program in those early days, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel offer alternatives. Admittedly, you may have to do your research to make this work. But, once you know what you’re doing, they can manage your accounts just as well.

It has a pretty extensive reach

If a business wants to see real success, it needs to appeal to customers outside of its local vicinity. Most small operations do this by hiring salespeople or working with remote workers in different countries. And, down the line, you may want to consider these options. For now, though, your computer will do a pretty good job at expanding your business reach. And, it can do so without having to leave your home office. Of course, it might need your help, here, but that would be the case, no matter the route you took. Besides which, all you need to do is set up a decent website, and consider ways to attract overseas customers. Lucky for you, websites like www.thebalance.com have all the advice you could need here. This step is crucial. After all, if further afield customers don’t know to look out for your website, they’re unlikely to find it. That said, working on your SEO ranking will ensure a broader reach to more people. But, sometimes, the best bet is to go out and get them. You can do this by widening your marketing methods, and ensuring people in other areas have heard your name.



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