• Style and Substance: Katy

    Name: Katy Rose Peacock Age: 19 Location: Brisbane, Australia Artist, dreamer and dedicated wanderer, Katy Peacock is a beautiful face and a lovely soul, with a passion for animals, other countries and the delights that nature has to offer. If […]

  • Style and Substance: Ciara

    Name: Ciara McCauley Age: 24 Location: Dalston Here at XWHY magazine we like our women to be multi-faceted. And Ciara McCauley is certainly more than just a striking face. Part-time hair model, one of Mayfair’s nearly qualified chartered accountants, photographer, […]

  • Nearly 25% Men Admit to Rape in Asia

    A statistic that beggars belief. Firstly, and most obviously, because rape is an inherently abhorrent concept. Secondly, because if 23 per cent of men in the Asia Pacific area feel ready to admit it, imagine how many guilty others are […]

  • Style and Substance: Vassy

    Name: Vassy K Location: Los Angeles Australian pop stars – especially those of the feisty, quirky variety – are having a bit of a hey day. Just ask Iggy Azalea. And Vassy is cut from just this cloth. Ancestrally Greek, […]

  • Style and Substance: Kim

    Name: Kim Forsberg Age: 26 Location: London With a fierce passion for the environment, eternal wanderlust and a knack for swimming upstream, Kim is like a WWF wet dream. To look at, she’s got a disarming Jodie Kidd-come-Elsa Hosk innocent […]

  • Bare Breast Ban – Irish Sun Right to Drop Page 3?

    During a month in which one of the biggest news stories has been the widespread ‘trolling’ of female campaigners on Twitter, it would seem that women’s rights activists have little to be happy about. But this week it was announced […]

  • Style & Substance: Megan

    Name: Megan Page Bullock Age: 27 Location: Brooklyn, New York / Charleston, West Virginia You are one of those arty creatures who sees beauty in the little things. What advice do you have for people who stumble blindly through their […]

  • Style & Substance: Anna

    Name: Anna Santos Age: 27 Location: Currently Athens, Greece. From small village to the big wide world, Anna’s life has been one of discovery and ever broadening horizons. She’s a dreamer and a thinker, with a shrewd eye for business […]

  • Style & Substance: Sandra

    Name: Sandra Sandin Age : 26 Location : Various hotels around the world, but mostly in Dubai, UAE.   How does a little Swedish bombshell like you end up in the Middle East? Completely randomly, like most things in life, […]

  • Style & Substance: Danielle

     Name: Dani Doporto Age: 26 Location: It depends what challenge she’s most recently taken on. Ibiza, America, the Middle East… Don’t be fooled by charm and smiles. Behind her eyes, Danielle Doporto is a powerhouse of activity. She’s seriously attractive, […]