• It’s A Razor Renaissance – Apparently We’ve Reached ‘Peak Beard’

    A new study reveals that we need to rid ourselves of facial fuzz immediately Every other wayfarer in Shoreditch has got one. In fact, this trends been so prevalent that even your bloody dad has caught on to it. Or […]

  • Style & Substance: Stephanie Filo Jones

    XWHY interviews Denver Broncos Cheerleader come Film and TV editor Stephanie Filo Jones… Name: Stephanie Filo Jones Location: Los Angeles, California Occupation:  TV/Film Editor Twitter:  @stephaniefilo Let’s just say this: writing a dating profile for Stephanie Filo Jones would not […]

  • Style and Substance: Alexz Johnson

    Musician Alexz Johnson talks through her sniffles about feather-ruffling, wine-drinking and not winding up with her mug on a t-shirt at Target… You might already recognise her face. And what an adorable little face it is. Even with nostrils reddened […]

  • Lingerie Fashion Week – Manhattan’s Wonderland

    XWHY Photographer Cooper Naitove heads to Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC and Gets a bit more than he bargained for… Get Your Fendi Out of My Face There are a few times a year that I try to avoid Manhattan […]

  • Style and Substance: Daci Gligorova

    Name: Daci Gligorova Age: 19 Location: Melbourne, Australia Blog: Cali4nication Exploring, adventuring and just generally being a free-spirit. Daci in a nutshell. She lives in Australia, travels the world and has plans to study in London… so she’s coming to a […]

  • Women of Sochi – The XWHY Ranking

    Talk about Brits with grit – we’ve got some f***ing amazing girls on the squad this year at Sochi, so let’s check ’em out… Aimee Fuller Age: 22 Discipline: Snowboard Slopestyle Watch Her Space: This treacle is the media darling […]

  • Lord Hurd: Dropping this ‘Ludicrous’ Feminism Stuff

    Another Tory MP misses the point completely… Apparently this feminism thing is getting a bit “ludicrous”, according to, yes, you guessed it, an elderly male peer. Lord Hurd, who experienced his political hey day in the 18th century, has suggested […]

  • Let’s Play a Fun Game: Lad’s Mag or Rapist?

    Can you tell the difference between a lads’ mag and a rapist?! XWHY’s James Barton weighs into the lads mag debate. An investigation into a study that beggars belief…and a bit of spleen venting too, obvs. When I was first […]

  • Cheap Tits – Celebrities, Cyber-Sexuality and Cyrus

    This is the artwork for Lady Gaga’s new single. Just this. With that in mind, my opening statement is going to be almost as obvious as hers – Lady Gaga does not appeal, in any way, to the straight male […]

  • Style and Substance: Katelyn

    Name: Katelyn Prominski Age: 29 Location: New York City. Or, a hotel room somewhere across the continent of North America. She lives on a national tour, which means home is a different city every week. Katelyn is a dancer. She […]