• A taste of the newly renovated Jameson Bow St Distillery

      The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin’s Smithsfield closed last August and Jameson has been busy renovating the historic building that reopened its doors just in time for St Patrick’s Day. With a passion to produce Ireland’s highest quality whiskey, […]

  • Jameson Caskmates x Disappearing Dining Club

    A famous man once said “a whiskey without a hint of stout is like a ship without a captain…” Actually that’s not true. I just made that up and I’m not sure it even makes sense. But, If the team at Jameson had […]

  • Tim & Barry take The Just Jam Van on the road…

    The Just Jam Van is a creative partnership pairing creative duo Tim and Barry with The Jameson Works, celebrating the stories behind modern musical craft and underground British music culture. Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to the […]

  • Watch This: Break dancing with gravity is so last year!

    I’ve never really stopped being mesmerised by street dancers and their ability to twist, contort and spring in a way that my limited body couldn’t even dream of without causing myself serious injury. Like all people at the top of their game, they seem […]

  • Galvin Brothers X Jameson

    When we find a hobby that we truly love, we are always willing to invest time and money into it sometimes beyond what others might deem reasonable. And in the UK, drinking is definitely a hobby that fits into this mould. Fortunately Galvin Brothers are on […]

  • Film Review: Slow West

    whisMC Motors, if you’ve not been there, is sort of like a cross between a factory and a circus, and seems as good a venue as any in East London in which to host a film screening. Add pulled pork […]

  • Interview: Dead Rabbit NYC

    While in town for London Cocktail Week, the guys from The Dead Rabbit NYC managed to catch up with Maya Hambro to discuss cocktail making, single pot still whiskey and maintaining a work/life balance when it comes to alcohol… So You’re […]

  • The Jameson Works x Wild Beasts

    It’s not often that art, music and Irish whiskey join forces, but last week Jameson Works announced their project with Wild Beast (or Tom, Ben, Hayden and Chris to their friends), where by they will be making a GIF-novel with Parisian illustrator […]