• Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 27.01.14

    XWHY’s Mikey T curates his weekly Spotify and Soundcloud playlists to get your Monday off to a banging start… This week: the calm before the storm… Payday is round the corner, surely this hasn’t escaped your notice. In the lead […]

  • Hipsterpocalypse – Post Code Death Knell?

    Chewed up, spat out? Why in-crowdsourced communities aren’t parasitic It seems a little redundant to point out that hating hipsters has been the internet’s flavour of the week, because along with cats and dubious heart-warming stories, hating hipsters is pretty […]

  • Someone Noticed that Buzzfeed Can Be a Bit Insensitive and it is FIERCE

    9 paragraphs that have just had it with Buzzfeed stereotypes… I don’t know when exactly Buzzfeed launched. If you’re a regular reader of XWHY you’ll be aware that thorough research – or even basic Googling – is not something I […]

  • Tomorrowland x New Balance: MRL996RT

    New Balance is the shoe brand of the moment. Well, certainly in London. The New Balance lot have been around for a while, in fact, New Balance Arch Support company was originally founded in 1906, by a Brit! But the […]

  • Drake: Nothing Was the Same Leak

    Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’ leaks ahead of release… Drake has to be one of the most controversial stars enjoying current popularity. Not because he spends his time swinging around in the buff on a giant wrecking ball (although there […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – Carnival Special

    Monday funday! Pick up a Red Stripe and hop on the carnival train – this week’s playlist isn’t so much about getting you through, as celebrating the last days of summer. Track List: Far Nearer – Jamie XX Shabba – […]

  • Entrepreneur: Conscious Fashion

    Joe Williams talks rioting, slogans and giving back to the community He might masquerade as a media buyer, but don’t be fooled by his Clarke Kent desk job. Joe Williams is a man on a mission – to bring politics […]

  • Imagined Reality

    The psychology behind “hate to love” culture   I’ve been aware of the existence of Made in Chelsea for some time. I’ve seen the adverts, I know what it involves. People who I consider friends actually watch it. I’ve long […]

  • Pirates – Trolling the Cyberverse

      First they’ll steal your music. Then, they’ll slow-roast your children, eat them, and wash them down with a big glass of “#dealwithit.”   Pirates of digital material are dirty rotten scoundrels; rapscallions of the highest order – intent on […]