• Style & Substance: Stephanie Filo Jones

    XWHY interviews Denver Broncos Cheerleader come Film and TV editor Stephanie Filo Jones… Name: Stephanie Filo Jones Location: Los Angeles, California Occupation:  TV/Film Editor Twitter:  @stephaniefilo Let’s just say this: writing a dating profile for Stephanie Filo Jones would not […]

  • Lingerie Fashion Week – Manhattan’s Wonderland

    XWHY Photographer Cooper Naitove heads to Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC and Gets a bit more than he bargained for… Get Your Fendi Out of My Face There are a few times a year that I try to avoid Manhattan […]

  • Style and Substance: Daci Gligorova

    Name: Daci Gligorova Age: 19 Location: Melbourne, Australia Blog: Cali4nication Exploring, adventuring and just generally being a free-spirit. Daci in a nutshell. She lives in Australia, travels the world and has plans to study in London… so she’s coming to a […]

  • Wingman App – Mile High Club Just Got Less Exclusive

    An app to forge mid-flight hook-ups in tiny little bathrooms…fun?! The Wingman app is essentially the same as Tinder, except that it’s more overtly sexual (if that’s possible) and facilitates an encounter in a tiny bathroom, in a tin can, […]

  • Mike’s Valentine’s Day #Playlist – 10.02.14

    Valentine’s Day Soundcloud and Spotify Playlist, Curated by XWHY’s resident musical enthusiast Michael Thomas… Right so the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day this week won’t have escaped your notice, unless you’ve got blinkers on or gone into self-enforced hibernation. Before […]

  • Love Hath a Name – But it Sure as Hell isn’t Plenty Of Fish

    Valentine’s day is looming. Whether you’re into granny-porn, fireman’s-hose wrangling or tying up your testicles with rubber bands, online dating has the answer… …I think.  Maybe… Actually we’re not sure about that. It’s February. You know what that means. Swarms […]

  • Sex for Sale – Prostitution, Cuddle Cafés and Commodity Culture

    It’s the oldest trade in the world. It capitalises on one of our basest, most universal urges. But does that justify its existence? For me, prostitution presents a troubling paradox. On the one hand, the concept of sex as a […]

  • Let’s Play a Fun Game: Lad’s Mag or Rapist?

    Can you tell the difference between a lads’ mag and a rapist?! XWHY’s James Barton weighs into the lads mag debate. An investigation into a study that beggars belief…and a bit of spleen venting too, obvs. When I was first […]

  • Cheap Tits – Celebrities, Cyber-Sexuality and Cyrus

    This is the artwork for Lady Gaga’s new single. Just this. With that in mind, my opening statement is going to be almost as obvious as hers – Lady Gaga does not appeal, in any way, to the straight male […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 16.9.13

    Mike’s come over all sensual this week. His XWHY playlist is a stroll through some of the best, and sexiest electronic music to come out of the last few months. ‘Worst Enemy’ from Toddla T has got to be on […]