• AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women a Farce

    AskMen makes dubious editorial decision to boot Miley Cyrus to the bottom of their list…ignoring reader polls. The rhetoric of AskMen’s recent Top 99 Most ‘Desirable’ Women reader poll is certainly more 21st Century than that some of it’s counterparts. […]

  • Demetri Marchessini – Homosexuality’s all Greek to him

    The Telegraph publishes bizarre open letter by Demetri Marchessini, criticising “pro-gay” Times columnist Libby Purves….James Barton gives him a grammar lesson… Demetri Marchessini, who in the interests of fairness I am obliged to refer to as a former UKIP donor, […]

  • Lord Hurd: Dropping this ‘Ludicrous’ Feminism Stuff

    Another Tory MP misses the point completely… Apparently this feminism thing is getting a bit “ludicrous”, according to, yes, you guessed it, an elderly male peer. Lord Hurd, who experienced his political hey day in the 18th century, has suggested […]

  • Sex for Sale – Prostitution, Cuddle Cafés and Commodity Culture

    It’s the oldest trade in the world. It capitalises on one of our basest, most universal urges. But does that justify its existence? For me, prostitution presents a troubling paradox. On the one hand, the concept of sex as a […]

  • Julio Thomas: Designer on a Mission

    “Who is to blame in one country? Never can get to the one; Dealin’ in multiplication; And they still can’t feed everyone… “Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue; And then we’ll take it higher…” Brixton. Much maligned […]

  • India: Bootleg Booze, the Subtle Genocide

    It was Mahatma Gandhi’s firmest belief that the prohibition of alcohol would create a society unburdened by addiction, weakness and the sins of clouded judgement. In reality, it has become a death penalty for the country’s poorest and most desperate. […]

  • Same Sex Marriage Legalised in New Jersey

    Slowly, but surely, the world is catching up… As of this morning, same sex marriage has been declared legal in the American state of New Jersey, making it the 14th state to make the change. And of course, with plenty […]

  • Ralph Miliband Must Die…Again – An Essay by Paul Dacre

    The Daily Mail, usually so lauded as a source of British pride, has been having a tough week. First, this amazing tweet from Tory politician Nigel Fletcher, lambasting them for their bigotry…and if the Tories are angry at you for […]

  • A Congressional Time Bomb – Obama, Syria and Signing His Own Death Warrant

    News broke this morning that Obama has decided to push back the Congressional vote on Syria, to explore “all avenues of diplomatic resolution.” Thanks to Russia’s get-out-of-jail-free card, which took the form of a promised negotiation with Bashar al-Assad to […]

  • Britain Imagined: If BoJo Was PM

    Boris Johnson is the political equivalent of the Sugababes – not even a nuclear holocaust could stop him. This is a man who has survived PR calamities that would have obliterated any other politician – it’s pretty tough to imagine […]