• Rick Dove – Change

    I used to want to change the world but then I changed myself and now I NEED nothing but to change the world for everyone else Rick Dove (c) 2016

  • Read This: Rick Dove – The Other Side of Their Face

    The Other Side of Their Face privilege has its own laugh empty-headed tweed & twee its sound as familiar as death to me the last throes of my dreams come screams haunting me inspiring the lion heart in me to […]

  • Poetry: Rick Dove – Recipe #23: How to Make a Hippie Shake

    Recipe #23: How to Make a Hippie Shake ensure you pick a ripe one, Lord’s son, or some other landed dignitary, shave unattended growths from base of head, until smooth, and pinky-red, virgin flesh splash on aftershave. take the mane […]

  • A False Reality by Rick Dove

    We are duped & stupefied insidious lies obfuscate & fool divide & rule… this ‪#‎etonmess‬ may confess but will never apologise By Rick Dove

  • Rick Dove: Austerity – Commuting on Cattle Cars

      A s this silent shuffling is building beat, F orgotten people move onward, undead, I n pre-selection bias with flattened feats, N othing is left inside their emptied heads, A nd they pretend it makes them special race, L […]

  • Rick Dove – Civilisation

    Civilisation the Egyptians invented writing and paper built great Alexandria all to catch facts we built the internet the networks fibre and computers all just to keep track so I wonder how we great civilisations both ended up worshiping cats […]

  • Rick Dove – Rules of the Game

    Rules of the Game misdirection now complete leaves the very truth uncertain pay no attention to the men behind the curtain their hand a land of make believe until to this city paved with stolen gold we have to fold […]

  • I Will Start the Wind of Change…

    Zephyr “let them eat cake” They celebrate throw homes to haves & bankers fete divided proles by polls & gags in the heirs broke elite from chavs ironically a dangerous game packing these streets might light a flame     […]