• Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 19.05.14

    Kicking off your week with some big tunes. TV on the Radio will have a special place in many people’s hearts. And they’re getting on a bit now – which, as it turns out, has only heightened the quality of […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 12.05.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas does all the boring (really fun) research so you don’t have to. For your audio pleasure… Soooo, Damon Albarn is kicking around again, with a little solo output called Everyday Robots. ‘Lonely Press Play’ is the second […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 5.5.14

    Mike curates the best of new and recent music, to start your week the right way… Swedish crooner Lykki Li is one of those odd, slightly squawky singers you can’t figure out if you actually like or not. This latest […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 28.04.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas soundtracks your week with the best in recent and new music… If you’re of a Zero 7 sort of disposition, listen to Fabienne’s ‘City of Shadows’. It’s got that soulful, wistful, mellow fluidity about it, but the […]

  • Mike’s Monday Playlist – 21.04.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas Provides Your Bank Holiday Soundtrack A sunny bank holiday weekend warrants an uplifting set of tunes to see you through the day. If you haven’t been listening to Clean Bandit‘s ‘Rather Be’ on repeat recently, then you’ve […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 07.04.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas lays down a selection of the best new and recent music to get your Monday started right…. An electro-heavy playlist – April looks to be a synthy month. Leading the charge is the mysterious (-ish, we saw […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 31.03.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas lays down a selection of the best new and recent music to get your Monday started right…. Drummer Joe Manning, guitarist Evans Kati and bassist Tom McClung, formerly of WU LYF, have teamed up on a new […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 24.3.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas curates some slick tunage for your Monday Mornings… As two of the XWHY team spent a memorable (hazy, at best) week in Austin, TX for the massive South by South West (SXSW) music festival, we’ve got a […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 10.03.14

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas selects the best of recent and brand spanking new music to wake you up on a Monday morning…. Morning folks, Mike’s leading with a smack-you-in-the-face Rick Ross / Jay Z pair-up. It’s the sort of tune that […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 03.03.14

    Post-Payday tunes to get you back into the working week If you’re anything like us XWHY lot – weekends all tend to dissolve into a mess of eat, sleep, rave, hangover, cheesy chips, repeat. We don’t do a great line […]