• News or Not: Bloodied Images of Boston Bomber

    It is always an interesting conundrum. What qualifies as newsworthy, as opposed to what appeals to morbid fascination, but which we don’t necessarily need to see? This is where there is an interesting division, within the news and journalism industry, […]

  • Martinez Appointed Everton Manager

    The 39-year-old Spaniard, Roberto Martinez, has long been the favourite to take over from David Moyes as manager at Everton Football Club. He wasn’t entirely a shoe-in for the role though. Despite winning the FA Cup, in his position as […]

  • Syrian Army Retakes Qusair

    The civil war in Syria rages on, well into its second year. With regular to-ing and fro-ing between rebel forces and regime-supporters, it’s hard to keep on top of what seems to be a fairly fluid, and yet somehow still […]

  • Looking for Someone to Blame

    The Great Recession Explained One of the platitudes since the Great Recession unravelled in 2008 has been to blame greedy bankers for the near destruction of Western economies. This arbitrary allocation of culpability implies that if the bankers were punished […]

  • Pirates – Trolling the Cyberverse

      First they’ll steal your music. Then, they’ll slow-roast your children, eat them, and wash them down with a big glass of “#dealwithit.”   Pirates of digital material are dirty rotten scoundrels; rapscallions of the highest order – intent on […]

  • China’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Threat to the status quo? China is a scary place Probably not that scary for people in China – unless you are among the hundreds of millions living in abject poverty, or someone on the wrong side of China’s rather […]